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End to end strategic planning & measurement with GWIQ™

Discover your high-value customers and quantify the impact of your digital communications

Ad Effectiveness

Understand the effectiveness of your digital communications by measuring the impact on brand metrics.

Audience Targeting Validation

Measure the percentage of your digital advertising impressions that are reaching desired audience segments.

Audience Discovery

Profile the consumers you engage on your connected properties, using up to 20,000 data points.

Easy implementation of the GWIQ™ technology

Add our tracking pixels to your web properties and digital advertising campaigns.

Asynchronous Tag For Websites

Place our JavaScript tag in the head section of your websites to track all visitors.

Impression Pixel For Ad Campaigns

Include our impression pixel in your adserver to track all exposed consumers.

Run advertising effectiveness studies with exposed and control groups

Conduct in-flight or post campaign brand impact studies to measure the impact of your communications.

Conduct Custom Studies

Run standard ad effectiveness studies or gather metrics of interest to your brands and clients.

Quantify Uplifts in Brand Metrics

Measure your impact against brand metrics such as awareness, consideration, purchase intent and affinity.

Segment by Creative, Placements and More

The vast size of the GlobalWebIndex panel enables us to segment results based on media plan line items & ad units.

Validate audience targeting in ad campaigns with the GWIQ impression pixel

Don't measure your targeting against proxy groups such as demographics. Work with us to discover the accuracy of your media buying against the hyper-targeted segments you're trying to reach.

Profile up to 20,000 Attributes

Use custom attributes or any of the 20,000 data points in the GlobalWebIndex taxonomy to define your target audiences.

Segment Your Media Plan

Receive results by media owner, data vendor and more - for granular understanding of where and when you're reaching your desired segments.

Quantify In-Target Impressions

Get a known-truth view on the value of the modelled audiences you're using to give you an edge in media buying.

Discover new audiences for marketing with deep website analytics

Create visitor segments based on any action or goal-completion, and profile them in 20,000 ways.

Segment Between Site Sections

Profile your audience against properties, website sections and more - to describe your user base in new detail.

Record Visitor Actions

Capture any action such as video views, page views, clicks, conversions and more.

Discover High-Value Audiences

Segment using value-based attributes, such as products purchased or spend thresholds.

Powered by known-truth data on a huge panel of opted-in internet users

No pop-ups to interrupt the user experience

GWIQ leverages exposure to known panellists rather than recruiting from your audience.

Append data to the 20,000 attributes we carry

View your analytics through the lens of the 20,000 data points in our taxonomy.

Receive results in rapid timeframes

Reach scale for your exposed audiences quickly, and benefit from in-flight data collection.

View results in PRO Platform™

View data inside the same cutting-edge platform you use for audience creation and insight.

Run a free and unlimited GWIQ test campaign

See the technology in action for yourself. Your first campaign free.