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Enrich our core data with your custom needs by working with our analyst teams

Brief the team

Work with our analysts to generate bespoke data on any topic. Brief them with your objectives, and they will work with you to design the right solution.

Launch fieldwork

All set-up for the project, including localization or tag management, will be conducted by our team in close consultation with you.

Receive data in PRO Platform™

Once data is being generated, simply log in to PRO Platform™ to start analyzing the data and creating the insight you need.

A variety of custom solutions to suit all your data & insight needs

GlobalWebIndex offers a range of technologies and approaches to generate the right type of data for your marketing challenges.

Core Inclusion

Request additions to our core data set, enriching the main taxonomy with key topics of interest to you.

Custom Surveys

Work with us to launch market research surveys in any of the 34 countries we operate in.


GlobalWebIndex surveys internet users regularly. Ask us to re-contact groups of interest to you with custom questions.

On-Device Data Collection

Collect data on-device in any of our markets. Leverage hardware features such as cameras and NFC for additional insight.

Concept Testing

Looking to test your creative prior to campaign launch? Leverage our 18M+ panellists.

Brand Trackers

Conduct ongoing brand trackers with true global consistency.

Speak to a GlobalWebIndex analyst about your custom data needs