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The team here at the GlobalWebIndex have been hard at work trawling through the data to create a comprehensive overview of what we have learned through the five Waves of the GlobalWebIndex. In short, we have found that there are two key global structural trends that are driving changes in online behaviour across the world.

The first structural change is localisation of the internet and the resulting divergence between markets with regard to consumer behaviour online.

The second structural change is the evolution of technology devices that people are using to access the internet. This shift is driving real-time creation and consumption of online content and services that has never before been possible. The development of user-friendly smartphones and packaged internet applications that allow for a comfortable consumer experience online has been critical to driving the move to the post-pc era.

For an in-depth look at these trends, the behavioural trends that they are driving, and why it matters for your brand, download the Wave 5 Trends Report and develop these ideas into actionable insights and strategies for your brand using the analysis platform.

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