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Today marks the launch of our brand new Market Report for the USA (you can download a free summary here, or view it on SlideShare).

It tracks key digital behaviors and penetration levels at a national level, providing the very latest figures for topline engagement as well as analyzing patterns across demographic groups and over time. So, what are some of its major headlines?

Well, firstly, the internet continues to get more and more mobile: usage of the mobile internet rose from 36% in 2011 to reach 59% by the end of 2013. But tablets have enjoyed the most explosive rates of growth – with the percentage of users having quadrupled over the same period.

Elsewhere, some 17% of the online population in America say that they access the internet via Virtual Private Networks or Proxy Servers – a figure which compares to the global average of 28% but represents an estimated audience size of more than 30 million. Accessing better content and protecting one's anonymity are the top motivations for this behavior.

In the world of social networking, Facebook remains the number one social platform in the US, with 85% of internet users having an account (a figure which has remained largely stable over the last year). But active usage – which reflects the numbers who use or contribute to the site each month – fell from two thirds to just over half (55%). Significantly, 16-24s remain the most engaged age group on the site, but only just (down from 79% in Q4 2012 to 60% in Q4 2013).

Finally, it's also clear that device sharing is widespread: fewer than 50% of tablet users are the sole owner of their device, with 21% saying that one other person has use of it and 31% reporting that two or more others have access. Mobiles are much more personal, although 23% still say that they share their handset with other people.

Our US Market Report covers a wealth of other areas too – from how internet users are engaging with brands and behaving on social networks to the numbers buying online, visiting various websites and using the most popular operating systems. You can access a full version of the report by signing up for a free trial of our Insight Store.

And keep an eye out for the Market Reports on our other 31 countries – all of which are coming in the next few weeks.

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