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1 in 4 online adults have used a VPN

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, May 19 2016

Just weeks after introducing a free VPN feature to its desktop browser, Opera has now launched a free and unlimited VPN app for iOS. And as today’s Chart shows, the potential audience for such features is larger than often understood.

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1 in 4 VPN users accessing daily

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, February 17 2016

Despite VPN usage often being considered a pretty niche activity, it’s now 1 in 4 internet users who are using them to access the internet via the ‘back door’. And as our newest research reveals, most VPN users aren’t just deploying these tools once in a while.

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4 Things to Know About VPN Users

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, February 2 2016

Around the world, millions of internet users are deploying Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or Proxy Servers to get online – tools which are allowing people to bypass traditional connections and tracking methods to use the internet via a remotely located server.

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Netflix’s Global Expansion Shows the Future of Streaming

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, January 7 2016

For some time now, Netflix has been the biggest name in the OTT content space. But its latest move, launching in almost every country around the world (an initiative we predicted last year), shows the service’s desire to become the default name in the online video business.

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APAC and LatAm most likely to get content via VPNs

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, December 1 2015

With crackdowns against VPN usage continuing to make headlines, Tuesday’s Chart of the Day takes a look at those regions/countries where people are most likely to turn to these tools in order to access better entertainment content.

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The Impact of VPNs on Spotify and Netflix

Posted by Felim McGrath on Friday, August 21 2015

When it comes to online content services, the home-market effect is clear: each month, almost half of online adults in the US are using Netflix and over 40% in Sweden are listening to music on Spotify.

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How VPNs are helping Chinese internet users to beat the censors

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, April 22 2015

It’s well-known that Chinese censors are pretty trigger-happy when it comes to blocking access to some of the world’s biggest social networks and websites – with names like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube not available via standard internet connections.

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