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Broadcast vs On-Demand TV Preferences in the USA

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 16 2017

In the new Brand section of our Core research, we ask respondents whether they prefer watching TV on-demand or live as it is broadcast (with respondents selecting from a point in a 5-point scale).

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US Snapchatters 2x Ahead for Watching TVOD on Mobile

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, February 14 2017

Last week, Snap. Inc announced that it will broadcast exclusive content from the BBC’s popular Planet Earth II nature documentary in the US. So, today’s Chart looks at online TV viewing behaviors among US Snapchatters to see how strongly this offer might resonate.

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US Coca-Cola Drinkers 50% More Likely to Follow Actors

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, February 8 2017

Today’s Chart showcases part of our new Brand data by looking at social “following” behaviors among Coca-Cola Drinkers in the US.

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3 in 10 in the US are High/Heavy Users of Online TV

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 2 2017

Look at global TV consumption habits and linear TV might still rule the roost but, as we explore in Thursday’s Chart, there’s some pretty big variation across the world.

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1 in 10 in North America Now Own a Smart Wristband

Posted by Felim McGrath on Monday, January 16 2017

The health-based wearables market has seen some notable events recently, with major player Fitbit completing a selection of acquisitions (including competitor Pebble’s software assets) and this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas seeing the launch of a broad range of wearable tech intended to track users’ health and activities.

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The Impact of YouTube Red in the USA

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, January 11 2017

With Google reportedly planning to launch its subscription service YouTube Red in the UK in the coming year, today’s Chart of the Day takes stock of how the relatively young service is performing in the US.

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20% in USA Have a Nintendo Wii at Home

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, October 24 2016

Last week saw Nintendo previewing its latest games console, the Switch, due to launch next year. As a result, our first Chart of the Day this week takes a look at the success of Nintendo’s most popular console to date, the Wii.

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Over 20% in USA now watching Hulu

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, August 10 2016

Time Warner’s investment in Hulu last week reportedly valued the TV streaming service at almost $6 billion – and our mid-week Chart of the Day shows just why the platform could demand such a price tag.

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GWI Audience Reports: Voters in the US and UK

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, September 3 2014

This week sees the release of two brand new audience reports, drawing on our political affiliation questions in the UK and US to profile the attitudes and digital behaviors of each of the major party's supporters. So, with Big Data now a central part of how political campaigns are run and supporters rallied, just how different are the Republicans vs the Democrats, or Labour vs the Conservatives?

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USA Market Report: the latest digital trends in America

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, March 20 2014

Today marks the launch of our brand new Market Report for the USA (you can download a free summary here, or view it on SlideShare).

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GWI 6 Trends Preview - Google+ has 150 million users...and counting

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, December 22 2011

Yes, seeing that number for the first time even surprised us given that the last official Google figure for Google+ was just 40 million users. Given the effort that goes into designing our surveys in each market and the extensive quality control procedures that we and our partners have in place, we always believe what the data tells us and our data is always spot on when compared with other sources. Hence, this is a case of trying to understand why and how Google+ can actually have 150 million users worldwide. In reality, these are active social network users who at least have an account on Google+; whether or not they are active on Google+ specifically is a different story. When we looked into it further, we didn't find anyone else who had any type of figures and Google has been suspiciously quiet since their Q3 financial statement that gave us that 40 million user number.

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