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7 in 10 Twitter Users on Social While Watching TV

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, March 21 2017

To celebrate the anniversary of Twitter’s first Tweet, our Tuesday Chart of the Day takes a look at the importance of social in the second-screening space.

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Broadcast vs On-Demand TV Preferences in the USA

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 16 2017

In the new Brand section of our Core research, we ask respondents whether they prefer watching TV on-demand or live as it is broadcast (with respondents selecting from a point in a 5-point scale).

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UK/US Vice Visitors Watching 3+ Hours of TV Daily

Posted by Felim McGrath on Friday, January 20 2017

New media conglomerate Vice Media has made many headlines through its ambitious expansion across a range of platforms as well as its appeal to a predominantly young audience. Our final Chart of the Day this week zeroes in on this audience in the UK & USA and on one aspect of its media consumption habits: their enthusiasm for consuming television content, both broadcast and online.

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TV ads remain most impactful advertising channel

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, May 23 2016

GlobalWebIndex tracks 20+ brand discovery channels across our 34 different markets, with this week’s first chart showing that TV ads remain the most powerful among them.

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16-24s spend just 16% of media time on Linear TV

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, September 8 2015

As multiple rumors about a new Apple TV continue to do the rounds, today’s chart looks at media consumption behaviors by age.

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Internet users in the US watch the most TV each day

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, August 21 2014

Continuing our look at media consumption behaviors, today we examine how much time internet users in GWI’s 32 markets are devoting to TV each day.

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The socially involved watch more TV

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Sunday, December 6 2009

The recent analysis document we produced on the impact of social on traditional media produced one quite remarkable insight that crystallises the fact that the future won’t be quite like we all predict. The endless shift to online, in terms of time spent, behaviour and activity isn’t quite the reality.

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