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5 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Online Consumers in Egypt

Posted by Chase Buckle on Friday, February 24 2017

As more and more people gain access to the internet across the world’s fast-growth markets, there has never been a greater need to understand and profile these digital consumers. As part of the GlobalWebIndex mission to quantify the perceptions and behaviors of every connected consumer, we have extended our research into Egypt - a market with an internet penetration rate of just 36%, but with tens of millions of digital consumers. So what does the digital landscape look like in Egypt and what do marketers looking in its direction really need to know?

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6 Global Trends Driving Audience-Centric Marketing in 2017

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, February 6 2017

Today we live in what I call the ‘audience era’ – an age where everyone and everything has an audience.

The origins of this are not news for anyone in marketing. Mass-market social media combined with 24/7 mobile access has radically reshaped our communications environment. Publishing to an audience today has been simplified to a single button press, so it’s no surprise that, according to our data, an incredible 82% of internet users now publish a video, photo or review online at least once a month.

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Super Bowl 2017: Why the NFL Needs to Get Online

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, January 31 2017

As anticipation for the Super Bowl 2017 heats up, we have released our new NFL Fans Audience Report (clients can download a copy here). Today, we take a look at one of the key themes explored in this new report; specifically, why the NFL has so much at stake in its recent affair with online broadcasting avenues.

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The 10 Biggest Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, December 15 2016

Every year, our dedicated teams of analysts, researchers and writers come together to map out the digital trends set to shape the year ahead. In 2016, we saw the marketing industry evolve dramatically in response to the growing rise of consumer power, and we watched as emerging digital trends either caused the world to take notice, or failed to stand out in an overcrowded market. Based on our Trends 17 report, which incorporates active data from36 countries and over 4,500 data points, we’ve mapped out the ten most game-changing trends for every brand, advertiser and marketer to watch in 2017.

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Trends 17: The Future of Free

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, December 14 2016

For large swathes of consumers, the right to access free online content is seen as sacrosanct. But, as our Trends 2017 report (available for free here) shows, with ad-blocking on the rise, there’s little recognition or willingness on the part of the consumer to accept that ads are at the core of this.

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Trends 17: Mobile-First Landscape

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, December 13 2016

As we explore in our Trends 2017 report, available for free here, we’ll soon be in the position where more than 50% of online adults say that mobiles are their most important connected device. Even over the last year alone, mobiles have seen a 10-point jump on this metric, while laptops and desktops have both experienced small declines.

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Trends 2016: The Mobile Tipping Point

Posted by Jason Mander on Friday, January 8 2016

This week’s final Chart of the Day concludes our preview of GWI’s Trends 2016 report by considering what we’re calling the Mobile Tipping Point.

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Trends 2016: Rise of Live Streaming

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, January 7 2016

Thursday’s chart previews another of GWI’s Trends for 2016, showing why live streaming will become more popular in the year ahead.

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Trends 2016: Waiting for the Wearable Revolution

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, January 5 2016

Today’s preview of GWI’s Trends 2016 report looks at prospects for wearable tech in the year ahead.

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GWI Trends: The Fight for Online Privacy

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, December 8 2014

Blog-Banner-Fight-for-Privacy-trendRecently, we launched the latest in our series of GWI Trends – examining the growing importance of online privacy for today’s internet users.

At a headline level, consumers are more concerned about their digital footprint than ever before. Some 58% now say that they are worried about the internet eroding their personal privacy, a figure which has been ticking upwards from 49% back in 2012.

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USA Market Report: the latest digital trends in America

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, March 20 2014

Today marks the launch of our brand new Market Report for the USA (you can download a free summary here, or view it on SlideShare).

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Wave 5 Trends Report

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, August 18 2011

The team here at the GlobalWebIndex have been hard at work trawling through the data to create a comprehensive overview of what we have learned through the five Waves of the GlobalWebIndex. In short, we have found that there are two key global structural trends that are driving changes in online behaviour across the world.

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