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40% of 16-24s use social media to research products

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, June 7 2016

As we explore in our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here), the boundaries between traditional search engines and social networks have been weakening for some time – with this trend being particularly clear among the youngest age groups.

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3 in 4 Tumblr Users aged under 35

Posted by Felim McGrath on Monday, April 25 2016

As the fight for the attention of young networkers intensifies, our first Chart of the Day this week looks at the age profile of one service which has consistently managed to maintain a young following: Tumblr.

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1 in 3 use social networks for product research

Posted by Chase Buckle on Friday, April 22 2016

With Facebook’s recent announcement of integrated Chat Bots on Messenger having sparked a flurry of online conversations, our final Chart of the Day this week looks at the role of social networks as online research channels.

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Facebook slips as Instagram rises

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, February 9 2015

Our first post this week previews data from our brand new infographic on the UK’s top social networks (click here to download the full version on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn). 

During the last twelve months, Facebook saw a 7% drop in the UK in terms of active usage – hardly the dramatic decline that some headline-writers like to report, but still illustrative of the rise of smaller platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Indeed, Instagram grew its active user number by 18% over the same period, driven by the trends towards multi-networking across numerous social media services.

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Instagram still lags Twitter as the fifth biggest social network

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, January 29 2015

When Instagram claimed to have overtaken Twitter in late 2014, it also conceded it had a problem with spam accounts. Now that millions of these fake members have been removed by the network, how many are left?

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Profiling Twitter’s hidden users

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, January 28 2015

For our midweek post, we draw on findings from our GWI Social and Twitter’s Hidden Users reports to show why visitors, rather than active users, are increasingly important to platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Facebook is the obvious global leader for both membership and active usage. But there’s a notable change when it comes to visitors: YouTube overtakes Facebook, with more than four fifths of internet users outside of China saying they’ve visited the video-sharing site within the last month (with many of these individuals not signing in or even registering as members). It’s particularly striking that this trend is present in all five of the regions tracked by GWI: YouTube is ahead in all places.

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Snapchat was the fastest growing social app of 2014

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, January 27 2015

As our new GWI Social report explores (download a free summary here), Snapchat can lay claim to two particularly important titles: it is the app where teens over-index the most strongly of all as well as the one with the fastest rising audience over the last twelve months – up 57% between Q1 and Q4 2014. 

One recent study claimed that the app’s growth had flatlined during the last year. But with the research in question looking only at adults aged 18+, a large part of Snapchat’s biggest and most important demographic were excluded. Put this group back in the picture and Snapchat’s continuing success is clear: globally, 15% of teens are using the app, but this rises to more than a third in key markets such as the UK and US.

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Daily time spent on social networks rises to 1.72 hours

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, January 26 2015

As we detail in our new GWI Social report (you can download a free summary), GlobalWebIndex has been tracking the daily time that people spend on various forms of media since 2012. By asking our 170,000 annual respondents how long they typically devote to the internet as well as online and offline forms of TV, press and radio, we can build a detailed profile of media behaviors.

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GWI Social Q4 2014: the latest social networking trends

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, January 21 2015



Today sees the launch of our brand new GWI Social report, tracking the biggest winners and losers across the whole of 2014 as well as the major trends to watch during the next 12 months. You can download a free summary here, or access the full version on our Insight Store

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Pinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2014

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, January 21 2015

With the launch of our latest Social report this week, today's blog looks at the fastest growing social networks.

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4 in 10 Facebookers now browsing the site passively

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tuesday, January 20 2015

Tuesday’s blog draws on data from our new Passive Facebooking trend – which you can download here.

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world but the ways in which people use it are changing; for more and more users, it’s becoming a place to browse rather than post and share. 

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Why Ads Will Work For Tumblr

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, January 7 2015

When Yahoo forked out $1 billion for Tumblr in the middle of 2013, many wondered whether the tech giant had got the wooden spoon in the race to acquire the rising social networks. The year before, Facebook picked up Instagram, while Twitter got hold of Vine – two platforms that have enjoyed rapid growth and created considerable buzz. Meanwhile, GlobalWebIndex’s research shows that Tumblr is used by less than a tenth of internet users.

That said, Yahoo has a pretty good recent track record in terms of investments; its stake in Alibaba brought it a huge cash return when the e-commerce giant was floated earlier in 2014, and rumour has it that it’s close to securing a deal with the famously hard-to-woo Snapchat – an app which remains incredibly popular among the much-coveted teen demographic. So, with Yahoo now stating that Tumblr will top $100 million in revenue in 2015, the question beckons: is there real money in the blogging platform?

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