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The Social Media Playbook for Agency Planners

Posted by Lorna Keane on Tuesday, March 14 2017

Social media has transformed the way consumers interact with brands. No longer a one-way relationship, people now expect a dialogue. Social media is where this conversation is often initiated, developed and sustained, but just as starting a conversation with a total stranger might invite a wary response, so too does your organization need a plan of action.

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4 in 10 Nike Buyers Research Products on Social Media

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, February 13 2017

Although search engines are still the dominant force when it comes to product research, social networks have been gaining ground for this activity in recent years.

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LinkedIn Membership Growth Led by Fast-Growth Regions

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thursday, January 26 2017

Following Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn back in June, the enterprise networking service has been undergoing one of the biggest overhauls since its launch in 2003.

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60% of US Snapchatters Use the Service Daily

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, January 17 2017

In our Trends 17 report we discuss how WhatsApp’s simple nature gives it an edge over competitors when it comes to usage frequency.

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Facebookers Spend 2 Hours+ on Social Media Daily

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, January 6 2017

Our final Chart of the Day this week confirms just how engaged Facebookers are with social media – with the average user now devoting around 2 hours 20 minutes to networking and messaging every day.

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Trends 17: Mobile Ad-Blocking is Coming West

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, December 21 2016

At present, mobile ad-blocking is concentrated in Asia Pacific and, as a result, some in the West have underestimated the prevalence of this trend. But as we explore in our Trends 17 report, it’s almost inevitable that mobile ad-blocking will spread westwards.

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WhatsApp and Facebook have Highest Usage Frequency

Posted by Jason Mander on Friday, December 2 2016

As we illustrate in our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here), Facebook doesn’t just top the table for overall user numbers, it also leads when we look at usage frequency.

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88% are Members of a Facebook service

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, December 1 2016

As we explore in our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here), Facebook’s eco-system of services and apps remain the dominant force within the social landscape: it’s some 88% of online adults outside of China who are a member of at least one of its four main services (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram). What’s more, this is a figure that continues to trend upwards on a year-by-year basis.

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Product Research on Social Media Rising

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, November 3 2016

From the integration of chat bots into Facebook Messenger to the recent launch of Facebook Marketplace, social networks have been attempting to facilitate more and more commerce on their platforms.

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7 in 10 Twitch Users are 16-34

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, November 2 2016

The video game-streaming market may be fairly young, but it’s already fiercely competitive. So, as Microsoft enters the fray, our midweek chart profiles users on two of the industry’s current major players – Amazon-owned Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

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A Third of Online Time Spent On Social Media

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, September 12 2016

To mark the release of our new GWI Social Flagship Report (get a free summary here), today we take stock of time spent on social media.

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2 in 3 Using the Facebook App

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, July 27 2016

As the industry waits for Facebook’s latest results, today’s charts highlights the continuing growth of the official Facebook app over recent years.

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