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US Snapchatters 2x Ahead for Watching TVOD on Mobile

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, February 14 2017

Last week, Snap. Inc announced that it will broadcast exclusive content from the BBC’s popular Planet Earth II nature documentary in the US. So, today’s Chart looks at online TV viewing behaviors among US Snapchatters to see how strongly this offer might resonate.

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60% of US Snapchatters Use the Service Daily

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, January 17 2017

In our Trends 17 report we discuss how WhatsApp’s simple nature gives it an edge over competitors when it comes to usage frequency.

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Over 75% of Teens in UK on Snapchat

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tuesday, November 22 2016

With the long-rumored Snap Inc. IPO now in progress, Tuesday’s Chart takes a look at the markets where Snapchat has made the biggest impact among the trend-setting teen demographic (defined here as 16-19s).

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6 in 10 Millennials in North America on Snapchat

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, October 17 2016

News circulated last week that Snapchat’s parent company (recently renamed Snap Inc.) was gearing for a flotation that could value the five-year old app at a hefty $25bn.

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Half of Instagrammers are Snapchatting

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, August 8 2016

Instagram caught the attention of the media last week when it debuted “Stories” – a major new functionality that bears a striking resemblance to Snapchat’s own feature of the same name. Today’s Chart thus looks at the crossover between these two services and whether “Stories” could see the same success on Instagram as it has done on Snapchat.

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2 in 3 North American 16-24s are on Snapchat

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, July 15 2016

Snapchat might be growing in popularity among older age groups (with 25-34s and 35-44s accounting for an ever-larger share of the Snapchat audience) but, as our latest wave of research shows, it’s still strongest among the youngest demographics.

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Snapchat is Getting Older

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, July 11 2016

Snapchat has long been synonymous with teens and young users, enjoying consistently strong growth among 16-24s. But as Monday’s Chart of the Day shows, Snapchat now appears to be catching on with older age groups too.

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7 in 10 Snapchatters are on WhatsApp too

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, June 21 2016

With an ever-expanding range of services and apps in the social space, multi-networking has become the absolute norm – with many sharing their photos on Snapchat, keeping up with real-time discussions on Twitter and direct messaging their friends on WhatsApp.

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4 reasons Snapchat is worth $20billion

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, June 9 2016

When reports emerged last month that Snapchat had completed a large funding round based on a valuation of $20billion, some were surprised that the messaging platform could be worth so much. But GWI’s research shows some key reasons why such a lofty valuation is justified.

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Half of 16-24s in the USA are Snapchatting

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, June 1 2016

With headlines last week proclaiming that Snapchat could soon be valued at more than $20 billion, today’s Chart explores one of the reasons behind this hefty valuation.

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7 in 10 Snapchatters watch online sports coverage

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, May 11 2016

Last week Snapchat scored a deal to show highlights from the 2016 Olympic Games, setting up a dedicated channel on the app for its users in the US. And with Twitter winning a streaming deal with NFL last month, it’s clear that the world of social media and sports are coming closer together.

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Why Facebook Acquired Masquerade

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, March 16 2016

Facebook is no stranger to creating or purchasing features that resemble those offered by other apps and its latest acquisition – Masquerade – will allow the platform to build out photo filters that have proven so popular on rival-app Snapchat.

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