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2 in 3 Messenger users worried about personal data

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thursday, July 14 2016

From WhatsApp to LINE to Facebook Messenger, the mobile messaging market has been ramping up privacy features via the introduction of End-to-End Encryption. And as today’s Chart shows, this is very much in line with privacy concerns among their audiences.

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Ad-blockers over-index for privacy concerns

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thursday, July 7 2016

Despite ad-overload and irrelevant or annoying ads being the prime drivers behind the ad-blocking trend, GWI’s data shows that any effort to curb the rising tide of ad-blocking should not underestimate the impact of privacy issues.

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1 in 4 online adults have used a VPN

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, May 19 2016

Just weeks after introducing a free VPN feature to its desktop browser, Opera has now launched a free and unlimited VPN app for iOS. And as today’s Chart shows, the potential audience for such features is larger than often understood.

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1 in 3 are regularly deleting cookies

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, May 10 2016

With almost two thirds of internet users saying that they worry about how their personal data is being used by companies, it’s no wonder that many are choosing to act on these online privacy concerns.

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61% worried about how companies use their data

Posted by Chase Buckle on Thursday, March 3 2016

Online privacy concerns have been a particularly hot topic in the last few weeks and, as Thursday’s Chart of the Day shows, it’s now 61% of internet users who say they are worried about how companies are using their personal data.

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4 Things to Know About VPN Users

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, February 2 2016

Around the world, millions of internet users are deploying Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or Proxy Servers to get online – tools which are allowing people to bypass traditional connections and tracking methods to use the internet via a remotely located server.

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GWI Trends: The Fight for Online Privacy

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, December 8 2014

Blog-Banner-Fight-for-Privacy-trendRecently, we launched the latest in our series of GWI Trends – examining the growing importance of online privacy for today’s internet users.

At a headline level, consumers are more concerned about their digital footprint than ever before. Some 58% now say that they are worried about the internet eroding their personal privacy, a figure which has been ticking upwards from 49% back in 2012.

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The Missing Billion: How Analytics is Wiping The Emerging World Off The Map

Posted by Jason Mander on Friday, November 7 2014


Did you know that more than a billion internet users are currently invisible in traditional web analytics? Or that the USA is no longer at the center of the world’s digital map, trailing other countries for activities like social networking, buying online or watching TV on-demand?

It’s these issues which we explore in our brand new white paper, The Missing Billion(download it for free here, and see the Economist’s take on it here).  Inside the report, we argue that hundreds of millions of internet users are being incorrectly geo-allocated or overlooked by passive analytics. It’s a problem which affects those in fast-growth markets the most – with users in places like China, Russia and India often being assigned to big, “traditional” internet hubs like the USA – but it’s one which has the potential to impact internet users in pretty much every country. Indeed, as I write this in London, passive analytics records me as being in Dublin, Ireland. Without me knowing it, I’ve suddenly become an Irish rather than a British internet user.

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Three quarters of internet users have deleted cookies

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, November 6 2014

We’re all used to hearing about digital footprints and the increasing importance attached to them by consumers. But today’s post puts some pretty stark numbers behind this trend.

Across GWI’s 32 markets, a mighty three quarters of adult internet users say that they have deleted cookies from their computer (about 40% within the last month and a further 35% at some point before then).

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Facebook Rooms reflects strong demand for anonymity

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, October 30 2014

Last week, Facebook finally responded to the wave of anonymous social networks that have grabbed headlines in the last few months. But its new app – Facebook Rooms – is no Secret or Whisper. The mobile-only platform allows users to discuss topics in specialized, private forums (or ‘Rooms) under pseudonyms.

Facebook’s decision to provide a platform for pseudonymous discussions might represent a break from its previous policy but is very much in line with current attitudes and behaviors among digital consumers. It’s certainly telling that more than 50% of internet users say that one of their motivations for getting online is to take on a different personality.

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The Whisper Revelations and the Fight for Online Privacy

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, October 27 2014

Whisper was positioned as a safe environment where users could anonymously share their innermost thoughts. But investigations by the Guardian US have now cast doubts on the credentials of an app that declares itself to be the ‘the safest place on the internet’.

It is easy to see why Whisper and other anonymous social networks, like Secret and Yik Yak, are booming in popularity. GlobalWebIndex’s research has shown that 60% of US internet users prefer to be anonymous when using the internet and one third are going online to take on a different personality. Whisper’s platform, which allows users to post without any associated profile data, is clearly capitalising on these desires.

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GWI Infographic: VPN Users

Posted by Jason Mander on Friday, October 24 2014

To mark the release of our new infographic on VPN users, this week’s final post looks at some of this audience’s key behaviors and attitudes.

At a global level, more than a quarter of people say they have used a Virtual Private Network or Proxy Server to access the internet. But this figure can rise much higher in fast-growth markets, peaking at 41% in Indonesia. In fact, two thirds of the world’s VPN users are located in APAC.

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