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16% of Millennials in North America Using Taxi-Hailing Apps

Posted by Jacinta Ruscillo on Friday, February 17 2017

The rise of taxi-hailing or ride-sharing apps has been one of the biggest ‘disruptor’ stories of the past decade, with a selection of startups becoming multi-billion-dollar companies and overturning traditional transport models. Today’s Chart focuses on the core user base of these new services – Millennials (here 20-34s).

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2 in 3 North American 16-24s are on Snapchat

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, July 15 2016

Snapchat might be growing in popularity among older age groups (with 25-34s and 35-44s accounting for an ever-larger share of the Snapchat audience) but, as our latest wave of research shows, it’s still strongest among the youngest demographics.

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