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How to Write a Creative Brief that Drives Brilliant Marketing

Posted by Lorna Keane on Friday, March 24 2017

A killer creative brief hinges on solid, accurate research. It means talking to customers and consumer-facing staff and matching these insights with those you get from in-depth data to find out exactly who you're speaking to. This kind of research reveals fundamental truths around their perceptions and what really influences their behavior, helping you to spawn a rigorous and inspiring creative brief, capable of unleashing pure brilliance. So what does it take to write a brief that works?

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5 Questions to Consider Before Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Lorna Keane on Monday, March 20 2017

What does it take to carve out a great marketing strategy? This is a question that begins with careful planning, along with some simple truths around your objectives and the ideas driving your message. Before you can begin to map out the practicalities of a campaign and allocate the right spend, certain questions must be taken into account - questions that will keep you from veering off track, and help steer your creative efforts in the right direction.

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The Social Media Playbook for Agency Planners

Posted by Lorna Keane on Tuesday, March 14 2017

Social media has transformed the way consumers interact with brands. No longer a one-way relationship, people now expect a dialogue. Social media is where this conversation is often initiated, developed and sustained, but just as starting a conversation with a total stranger might invite a wary response, so too does your organization need a plan of action.

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Why Consumer Journey Mapping Matters More Than Ever

Posted by Lorna Keane on Monday, March 6 2017

The path to purchase may still revolve around some key stages, but the journey itself has changed dramatically. Consumers today are using multiple devices to learn, compare, share, consume and make purchasing decisions. Increasingly, the journey spans a number of touchpoints, from websites to review sites and social media, with every single experience impacting a consumer’s decision.

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[Case Study] How to Create a Pen Portrait of Your Consumer in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Lorna Keane on Wednesday, March 1 2017

Marketing that works starts with understanding your audience. In fact, the more you know about your consumer, the more accurate your targeting will be. For agency planners, this process starts with insights. Using the GlobalWebIndex platform to steer their marketing in the most audience-centric direction, creative communications agencies like Southpaw say their best work starts with painting a precise, detailed and holistic picture of their consumer. “The audience and consumer are a key focus for us” says Tom Primrose, Planner at Southpaw.

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Why the Future of Web Analytics is People

Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, February 23 2017

In April 2016, a Kansas family from a remote farm in the town of Potwin (population 449) made headlines for a very peculiar reason. Having suffered years of mistaken identity-related harassment, abuse and bizarre claims, the root of this family’s unusual ordeal continued to go undetected.

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Metrics that Matter: 5 Questions to Consider on Your Marketing ROI

Posted by Lorna Keane on Thursday, February 16 2017

A number of questions surround the marketing game today, but regardless of industry, budget, company or campaign, one is asked more often than most: “How can I measure my marketing and offer quantifiable proof that my tactics are working?” With more focus on data and analytics than ever, marketing and revenue teams are working closer together as the pressure mounts to ensure a marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

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How Brands Are Taking Audience Understanding to New Heights

Posted by Jason Mander on Tuesday, February 14 2017

For every brand worldwide, improving their level of audience understanding is now a core focus, and for good reason. As recently as a few years ago, all you needed to know about your audience was what TV shows they were watching and what press titles they were reading and you could advertise accordingly. In today’s digital landscape, this just isn’t good enough. You no longer talk to a target group defined solely by their age and gender, you talk to people about their interests, their passions, the things that they center around beyond simple demographics.

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6 Global Trends Driving Audience-Centric Marketing in 2017

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, February 6 2017

Today we live in what I call the ‘audience era’ – an age where everyone and everything has an audience.

The origins of this are not news for anyone in marketing. Mass-market social media combined with 24/7 mobile access has radically reshaped our communications environment. Publishing to an audience today has been simplified to a single button press, so it’s no surprise that, according to our data, an incredible 82% of internet users now publish a video, photo or review online at least once a month.

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10 Powerful Examples of Marketing that Works

Posted by Lorna Keane on Tuesday, January 24 2017

Al Ries famously said, “marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions.” Successfully shifting consumer perceptions in today’s media landscape is no easy feat, a challenge that begins and ends with a deep understanding of your audience. For the marketing and advertising world of 2017, fast-moving digital trends are urging marketers to be bolder in their approach, sparking more data-driven campaigns and more audience-centric storytelling. In 2016, we witnessed some of the most innovative examples of consumer-focused marketing at work, giving us a glimpse into the agencies and brands that are leading the way.

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4 Simple Ways to Drive Better Ad Campaigns Using Audience Insights

Posted by Lorna Keane on Monday, December 12 2016

“Brands get their value from how customers perceive them,” says David Reibstein, professor of marketing and branding expert at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. As we continue to witness the rise and fall of some of the world’s leading brands, it’s clear that these perceptions are becoming harder to predict. Today’s fragmented audiences are shaped by continuous change, and brands need to be every bit as agile in the way they communicate. Driving a successful ad campaign in this complex digital landscape has never been more of a challenge, with the rise of the ad-blocker adding more fuel to the fire.

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Why Marketing that Works Means Getting Back to Basics

Posted by Lorna Keane on Monday, December 5 2016

In 1994, the world’s first banner ad made its debut appearance on the web. Despite its lack of design and simple message, the ad earned an incredible 44% click-through rate for four months running. Twenty-two years on, the marketing and advertising landscape is almost unrecognisable. With conversations shifting dramatically from banner ads to content, communities, SEO and beyond, the digital marketing sphere has exploded in response to the growing power of the consumer, and the increasing demand for more.

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