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GWI.7 Preview: Social Network Penetration and Active Usage – the real deal

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Friday, April 13 2012

Mashable’s article ‘Is Google + the number 3 social network’ demonstrates why reliance on free and top line data can be an extremely misleading for strategy development. In response to this article, our latest GWI.7 reveals some interesting information to help provide a clearer picture:

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GWI 6 Trends Preview - QR Code Mania in Asia

Posted by Brett Petersen on Tuesday, December 20 2011

We've just released the latest tranche of GWI data, GWI6, collected in November 2011, taking our total number of surveyed internet users up to just over 122K. If you are a client you will now find this in your online tool, with a full GWI6 trends deck to follow. Over the next few days we'll be pre releasing some highlights that will underpin the trends.

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Building an insight driven B2B strategy

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, October 20 2011

The GlobalWebIndex team is constantly striving to add more value for our subscribers and consulting clients. As part of this drive, we are proud to introduce our new Social Strategy for B2B Marketing report that is now available as part of a GWI subscription (contact your account manager for your access code) or is available for purchase to all non-subscribers from the GlobalWebIndex report store.

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Adding New Markets - Our Criteria

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Thursday, October 13 2011

As we finalise mix of markets we will cover in the next 2 years, we wanted to update you on how we assess market inclusion.

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Info-graphic: Social Networking Divergence

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Monday, September 19 2011

We have a great new info-graphic which shows the changing number of social networkers over the last 5 waves, by market and key demographics. Change has been demonstrated by circle size and colour.

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Wave 5 Trends Report

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, August 18 2011

The team here at the GlobalWebIndex have been hard at work trawling through the data to create a comprehensive overview of what we have learned through the five Waves of the GlobalWebIndex. In short, we have found that there are two key global structural trends that are driving changes in online behaviour across the world.

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Wave 5 is now closed for question additions

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Tuesday, April 19 2011

Delivering three sets of research a year on a global basis, means the cycle never stops. It’s a continual survey process.

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How were the new customised segments created?

Posted by Brett Petersen on Wednesday, March 30 2011

We have seen great interest in our new customized segments that we have created for the GWI tool, but some of you, naturally, are curious as to how they've been created. Our goal in creating these segments was to use a simple set of criteria to define the basic attributes of "Sharers", "Reviewers", "Socialisers", "Passives" and "Creators". We also wanted to ensure that the segments did overlap with each other because, often, Web users can fall into more than one of these categories. All frequencies concerning each activity are "monthly" or "in the past month" unless specified.

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Wave 4 now live!

Posted by Brett Petersen on Friday, March 4 2011

The insight team is very pleased to announce that Wave 4 data is now in the GlobalWebIndex tool! Data is current as of last week and after a week of stringent cross-checking and verification of the data, all GlobalWebIndex subscribers now have access to the latest data on online trends and social media interaction.

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