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US Coca-Cola Drinkers 50% More Likely to Follow Actors

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, February 8 2017

Today’s Chart showcases part of our new Brand data by looking at social “following” behaviors among Coca-Cola Drinkers in the US.

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Top Reasons for Brand Advocacy among 16-24s

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, January 13 2017

With almost half of 16-24s posting a review of a product or company online in the last month, there’s certainly a decent share of young consumers willing to potentially promote brands online. But what incentives are most likely to turn this age group into brand advocates?

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A Third of Facebookers Visiting Branded Pages

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, January 9 2017

For our first Chart of the Day this week, we take stock of the numbers of Facebookers who are interacting with brands on the platform. 

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High-Quality Products Key to Brand Advocacy

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, November 21 2016

With half having posted a review of a product, brand or service online in the last month, there’s no shortage of digital consumers prepared to critique and potentially promote brands.

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Search Still Top for Brand Discovery and Research

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, November 16 2016

Previewing more data from our new Online Purchase Journey Infographic (clients can download it here), our midweek chart confirms the continued importance of search engines in the brand discovery and research phases.

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2 in 3 Olympic Fans Visit a Brand’s Website Each Month

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, August 5 2016

As we head into the first weekend of the Olympics, this week’s final Chart of the Day looks at how Olympics Fans tend to engage and interact with brands online.

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Malaysians most likely to follow brands on social media

Posted by Felim McGrath on Monday, June 20 2016

The key role of social media sites in the online brand-consumer relationship is confirmed by our first Chart of the day this week. Globally, it’s a third of digital consumers who say they follow their favorite brands via social media, with the figure rising much higher in certain countries.

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1 in 3 Olympics Fans find new products via online ads

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, June 16 2016

To mark the launch of GlobalWebIndex’s Olympics Fans report (available to clients here) our midweek Chart of the Day looks at how this audience discovers new brands and products.

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How Brands Can Score Big on the Second Screen at Euro 2016

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, June 15 2016

With the Euros kicking off last week, many brands and sponsors are showcasing themselves on the European mega stage and betting big on the tournament. Little wonder considering its reach globally; 4 in 10 internet users report watching the Euros on TV or online, with consumers across each of our 34 different markets tuning in. But whether it’s looking to see what friends are saying about a game, what pundits are predicting for the second half or searching for information about a certain player, second screens are going to challenge televisions for the attention of Euro viewers.

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TV ads remain most impactful advertising channel

Posted by Chase Buckle on Monday, May 23 2016

GlobalWebIndex tracks 20+ brand discovery channels across our 34 different markets, with this week’s first chart showing that TV ads remain the most powerful among them.

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4 Reasons Content is King for Marketing

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, April 27 2016

A high-quality content marketing campaign has become an integral component to most online marketing strategies. Here we identify 4 reasons why content marketing should be on the agenda for any business looking to drive up traffic and further engage with their audience.

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Half Posting Reviews Online Each Month

Posted by Felim McGrath on Tuesday, April 12 2016

With 1 in 3 online consumers saying that reviews from fellow customers influence their purchasing decisions, it’s significant that close to 50% are posting online reviews each month (rising to 6 in 10 among online shoppers). Indeed, a key finding in our new GWI Commerce report (available in a free summary version here) is that, for many digital consumers, reviewing the products they have purchased online has become the norm.

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