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80%+ of iPhone Owners Say Apple is Top Choice for Next Phone

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, February 6 2017

It’s well known that Apple has a highly loyal customer base, but a new question in the GWI survey underlines just how many current iPhone owners are likely to stick with the brand when they next buy or upgrade their mobile.

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3 in 10 would consider buying an iPhone

Posted by Jason Mander on Wednesday, March 30 2016

With many seeing Apple’s more affordable iPhone SE handset as an attempt to win new customers in fast-growth markets, today we look at where the iPhone name resonates the most strongly.

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On its 15th birthday, how many are using iTunes?

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, January 13 2016

With iTunes having just celebrated its 15th birthday, our midweek Chart of the Day checks in on its battle with global music-streaming service Spotify.

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1 in 5 Now Own an iPhone

Posted by Felim McGrath on Monday, October 26 2015

When Apple announces its quarterly results this week, the progress of its new iPhone models is likely to come under scrutiny.

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Prospects for Apple Music in China

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, October 7 2015

Last week saw the introduction of Apple Music, iTunes Movies and iBooks in China, a move that reinforces the importance of this market to Apple’s growth plans.

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Can the iPad Pro Revive the iPad Brand?

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, September 10 2015

The iPad Pro has been a long time coming, with many having expected its release last year. But now that it has been officially announced, what are the prospects for this new iPad?

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Will the iPhone 6S be as Successful as the 6?

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, September 9 2015

With the iPhone 6, Apple once again reminded us just how well it can deliver seriously profitable devices. But the launch of the 6S – which by all accounts will be announced today in San Francisco – begs the question: can the 6S gather a whole new batch of converts or has the 6 already stolen its potential customer base?

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Prospects for Apple Pay in the UK

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, July 13 2015

Tomorrow, Apple introduces its contactless payment system – Apple Pay – to the UK.

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Apple Music vs Spotify: 3 Things to Know

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, June 18 2015

Ever since Apple confirmed its entry into the music streaming market earlier this month, speculation has been rife about what it means for Spotify, the current leader in key territories such as Europe and North America. Will Apple Music kill off the competition? Or, as some industry insiders have hoped, will a rising tide lift all boats? Here are three key things to know in advance of Apple Music launching.

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Why Emerging Markets are Key to Apple’s Future

Posted by Jason Mander on Friday, June 12 2015

Think about the world of smartphones and it’s Apple’s iPhone which remains the most iconic – and which is without doubt the one that grabs the most attention and headlines.

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iPad still behind Android for tablet usage

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, June 11 2015

As we discussed in Wednesday’s blog, Android is the clear winner when it comes to mobile OS adoption. But despite the iPad still being seen by many as the tablet par excellence, Android is also victorious when it comes to tablet operating systems.

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Android mobile now has huge lead over iOS

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, June 10 2015

Within the world of mobile, it is Apple which continues to generate the most headlines and create the most excitement when a new handset or OS is released. Indeed, this week’s WWDC has once again shown how much media attention Apple can create around its iOS.

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