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2 in 3 in APAC Plan to Purchase New Mobile This Year

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, February 15 2017

Our midweek chart showcases a new question in GWI’s research which asks internet users when they next plan to purchase a mobile phone or upgrade their existing handset.

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7 in 10 in APAC Using Shopping Apps

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, September 6 2016

To mark the launch of our brand new GWI Commerce report (download a free summary here), today we take stock of an important trend in online shopping: shopping apps.

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WeChat Retains Crown as Top Mobile Messaging App

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, November 20 2014

In the world of digital, 2014 has been the year of the mobile messaging app. From market to market, we’ve seen communications migrating away from the big social networks and SMS/MMS services as more and more people carry out their conversations via dedicated mobile messaging tools. As a result, the numbers using mobile chat services have been seeing strong quarter-on-quarter increases – with the total global audience growing by 40% since the start of 2013.


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WeChat dominates mobile messaging in APAC

Posted by Jason Mander on Monday, November 17 2014

This week, our Head of Trends is touring Asia to discuss the international success that messaging app WeChat is enjoying in APAC.

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Mobiles account for 40%+ of online time in Saudi Arabia and Thailand

Posted by Jason Mander on Thursday, August 14 2014

Continuing our look at digital media consumption behaviors, today we analyze time spent online at a country-by-country level.

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