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Today marks the release of our new audience report on Teens - tracking key digital behaviors and trends among internet users aged 16-19 (you can download a free summary here).

Overall, the significance of mobiles for teens is abundantly clear: 16-19s are ahead of the total online population for using the internet on a mobile but behind other groups for tablets - indicating that the expense of the latter remains an access barrier.

One of the biggest stories linked to this is the rapid rise of mobile messaging services. Snapchat (+60%) and Kik Messenger (+59%) were the fastest risers during the last six months, although Facebook Messenger remains the number one app in this space (25%), despite WhatsApp and WeChat being hot on its heels (both being used by 20% of teens at a global level).

Second-screening is at the core of this – nearly two thirds of teens are using their mobiles while watching TV, with chatting to friends by far the most popular reason. But for a generation increasingly concerned about their digital footprints, privacy is important too: the appeal of Snapchat’s temporary and erasable messages means that teens are now more than twice as likely as others to be using it.

Our teens report covers a wealth of other areas too – from how teens are interacting with brands to the top trends in gaming, social networking and content consumption. You can access the full version of the report via a free trial of our Insight Store.

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