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Whether it be Amazon ordering more original content to air online or the BBC shifting one of its broadcast channels to be online-only, it's abundantly clear that the internet is becoming ever more important in terms of how we consume content.

But just how many internet users are currently watching TV online?

As our chart shows, 16-24s are at the forefront of this trend: an impressive 70% say that they typically watch at least some online television on a daily basis. Following closely behind are the 25-34s; more than a quarter of internet users in both age groups in fact say they they’re regularly watching more than an hour of online TV each day.

The figures fall significantly in the 55-64 group – only a third are engaging with online content, and just 10% are watching for more than an hour every day.

Overall, it's also clear that "bite-size" viewing is the most common approach when it comes to online TV - across each age group, people are most likely to say that they're watching less than 30 minutes on a daily basis.



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