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With our full set of Generations reports now available to download on the Insight store – spanning Teens and Millennials to Gen X and Boomers – today’s blog post focuses on how second-screening behaviors vary by age.

For Millennials, mobiles are the clear first-choice and have a 20-point lead over second-placed laptops. The gap is much less pronounced for Gen X – where mobiles are just 7 points ahead – and the trend then reverses for Boomers, who remain more likely to dual-screen via a laptop. In fact, even desktops still outscore mobiles among the Boomers.

But it’s not just second-screen devices which are subject to variation – so too do the most popular activities differ between the generations. For Millennials, it’s chatting to friends which takes top spot – giving yet more context for the explosion of mobile messaging apps among this demographic. Among older groups, however, it’s more functional activities that prevail; reading the news is top for Gen X, while emailing is in pole position for Boomers.


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