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Continuing our preview of our new GWI Commerce Flagship Report (get a free summary version here), today we look at e-commerce giant Amazon’s top markets.

With 9 in 10 internet users saying they visit online retail stores each month and an impressive 8 in 10 reporting that they have bought a product online, it’s clear that most are going beyond simple window shopping to make actual purchases. And it’s Amazon which emerges as a clear winner here – a site which 1 in 2 internet users say that they visit on a monthly basis. Particularly striking is Amazon’s success in India (9 in 10 are visiting it), underlining why Jeff Bezos has been developing the Amazon brand in this key market.

With internet penetration approaching saturation point in many mature markets like the US and UK, it’s fast-growth countries which now present the most growth opportunities for Amazon. However, the online retailer will need to overcome tough local competitionand, with smartphone adoption driving the growth of these online populations, mobile optimization will be integral to reaching these mobile-first users. 

Half of Internet Users Visiting Amazon Each MonthExplore this data in PRO Platform GWI Commerce Q3 Flagship Report

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