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On GWI’s Insight Store, you can now find three brand new and shiny infographics – looking at tablet users and usage, the global rise of WhatsApp and the profile of YouTube’s UK audience.

You can have a sneak peak at our YouTube one here. As it shows, its UK audience is a highly mobile and social one; an impressive 85% of the site’s active users – those who report having used or contributed to it within the last month – are second-screeners, with rising numbers turning to their smartphones for this activity (up from 44% in 2012 to pass the 50% mark in 2014).

YouTube users are also much more active in the social space than the online audience more generally. Over a third are liking brands/products each month and they are twice as likely as others to retweet a branded post. They’re also maintaining a broad social profile: the overwhelming majority of YouTube users are active on Facebook too, with nearly half using Twitter and over a third being active users on Google+.

Want GWI to customize one of our existing infographics for an audience or market of particular interest? Or create a completely bespoke infographic? Get in touch here – http://insight.globalwebindex.net/custom-reports

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