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This week sees the release of our new GWI Social report for Q1 2015 – outlining the very latest trends in how digital consumers are engaging with social platforms as well as tracking current winners and losers in terms of growth. Want to see which networks are adding users at the fastest rate? Which apps are currently winning the mobile battle? Interested in how many networks the average person is now using, and via which devices? You can download a free summary here, while clients can access the full version here.

Based on our latest wave of research – covering 33 markets, over 47,000 internet users and completed in March – the report offers the most-up-date view around on the need-to-know social networking trends and numbers.

Some of its key headlines include:

  • 1 in every 4 minutes spent on the internet is on a social network, with the typical online adult now devoting 1.69 hours to networking each day. 
  • A quarter of internet users in the US and UK are interested in using the Apple Watch, but this jumps much higher among social networkers – hitting 41% for Twitter users, 43% for Snapchatters, 44% for Instagrammers, 48% for WhatsAppers and an impressive 75% for WeChatters. 
  • Facebook still has the most members (82%) and active users (42%), but is the only major network to have seen a drop in active usage during the last year (-9%). And, on a monthly basis, more people are visiting YouTube (81%) than Facebook (73%). 
  • 1 in 4 US/UK internet users are interested in Facebook At Work, with the figure peaking at 49% among LinkedIn users
  • Teens are 3.5x more likely than average to be on Snapchat, while 16-24s over-index the most for using social networks to ensure they don’t miss out on anything (being 50% ahead on this metric). 
  • Multi-networking is prolific; on average, people now have accounts on 5.39 social networks and are actively using 2.75 of them. The impact of this on the Facebook audience is clear to see: whereas the average Facebooker was actively using 2.56 social networks back in 2012, they are now active on 4.15.

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