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Today sees the launch of our brand new GWI Social report, tracking the biggest winners and losers across the whole of 2014 as well as the major trends to watch during the next 12 months. You can download a free summary here, or access the full version on our Insight Store

Some of the reports major headlines include:

  • Pinterest (+97%) and Tumblr (+95%) recorded the biggest rises in active user numbers across 2014, while Instagram (+47%) and LinkedIn (+38%) experienced very healthy growth rates too. This reflects the trend towards more diversified forms of networking as well as the ongoing rise of the smaller social platforms. Facebook was the only big network to experience a drop in active usage in 2014 (of -9%). This decline was consistent across all regions and age groups, peaking among 16-24s (-11%), 25-34s (-12%) and in Asia Pacific (-12%).
  • Despite this, Facebook is still by far the most popular social network outside of China – with the most members (81%) and active users (42%). YouTube, Twitter and Google+ come next – each being actively used by between a quarter and a fifth – followed by Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Nevertheless, YouTube is being visited by 82% of internet users aged 16-64, putting it ahead of Facebook (73%) on this measure. This pattern holds true across 29 of the 32 countries surveyed by GWI.
  • On average, adults have accounts on 5.54 networks and are active users on 2.82 of them. This multi-networking trend helps to explain why the total time being spent on social networks continues to rise – from an average of 1.61 hours per day in 2012 to 1.72 in 2014.
  • Snapchat was the fastest growing social/messaging app overall in 2014 (+57%), with teens over-indexing more strongly for this service than for any other; more than a third of 16-19s are now using Snapchat in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the USA.
  • In terms of social networking motivations, 16-24s over-index the most for following celebrities, for the fear-of-missing-out and for finding content. This helps to explain why Tumblr has the youngest audience of all the major networks, and why Pinterest has seen a rise of 90% in active usage among 16-24s.

To explore these themes in more detail – as well as a range of other market, region and demographic stories, please see the full version of the GWI Social report.

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