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Analyzing the Progress of Mobile Commerce and Profiling Mobile Shoppers

PCs and laptops still dominate the world of online commerce but, as smartphones become ever more integral to daily life, mobile commerce is in the ascendancy. This GWI report takes a detailed look at the current state of m-commerce, at the most enthusiastic demographics and markets and at the future prospects for buying via mobiles. You can download a free summary of this report here.

Some key headlines include:

  • Over a third (36%) of online adults purchased a product via their mobile last month. What’s more, half of those who buy products online are using a mobile at least some of the time. 
  • 4 in 10 internet users aged 16-64 visit an online store via the mobile web each month. Shopping apps are also gaining an important audience – a quarter of all online adults are using them each month, with 70% of this group buying products.
  • Young internet users are driving the growth of m-commerce; 4 in 10 16-24s are using a mobile to shop online each month.
  • Compared to PCs/laptops, mobiles have a higher percentage of users who research rather than buy products. Also, just 1 in 10 m-shoppers do not use other devices to purchase some of their products. In part, this reluctance to convert fully to m-commerce may be driven by security concerns – 7 in 10 m-shoppers say they are worried about personal data misuse.
  • M-Commerce platforms on social networks and messaging apps have great potential. 1 in 3 m-shoppers say social media stores motivate them to buy online and, already, a mighty two thirds of those using a service like WeChat say that they purchase products via their mobile.
  • Emerging markets are at the forefront of this trend, with m-commerce rates twice those to be found in Europe. Half of internet users in China are m-shoppers, for example, while 1 in 3 of the Indian internet population are using the Amazon app each month.

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