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This week sees the release of our brand new GWI Entertainment report – tracking the very latest trends in online entertainment, content consumption and gaming (download a free summary here).

From time spent on traditional vs digital media to key gaming and content on-demand behaviors, headlines from the report include:

* The mobile internet is capturing an increasing share of our time each day – up from 1.31 hours back in 2012 to 1.98 hours in 2014. It’s also on these devices that a number of content consumption behaviors are increasing (while PCs, laptops and tablets are seeing small decreases).

* In terms of digital content, people are most likely to pay for eBooks, mobile apps and music downloads (over 20% each). Around 15% say they’ve paid for TV or film streaming services within the last month.

* The time we spend on online forms of entertainment continues to rise, just as the figures for “traditional” sources are in gentle decline. As a share of total time devoted to entertainment media, online sources now account for about 40%.

* 70% of 16-24s are now watching online forms of TV, compared to just a third of 55-64s. This pattern is replicated across most of the behaviors tracked in the report: younger users are typically the most engaged, with 25-34s often posting the strongest figures of all.

* 85% of internet users are second screeners. Mobiles (56%) are now the top device for this behavior, having overtaken laptops (46%) during 2013.

* Playstation is the most popular games console brand. Over a fifth are currently using the PS3, while a similar proportion plan to purchase the PS4 in the future.

Clients can explore these themes in more detail, as well as a range of other entertainment-related topics, by downloading the full report from the Insight store here. To sign up for a free, no-commitment trial, click here.

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