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Today sees the launch of our flagship GWI Entertainment report, examining the very latest trends in the online entertainment industry.

Drawing on our recent Q2 2015 wave research among over 47,000 internet users aged 16-64, key topics include: the state of online music and video streaming, as well as which platforms are performing best; the role that PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets are playing in online entertainment; the popularity of PC, mobile and console gaming, and which console brands are most popular; and the impact of entertainment on the consumer-brand relationship.

Some of its key headlines include:

  • Convincing content consumers to pay remains an issue – only 1 in 5 music streamers are paying for a streaming service, for example.
  • Ad-blocking software poses a clear challenge to ad-supported revenue models, with 3 in 10 now using these tools. That said, these users are more likely than average to be buying online content.
  • Linear TV will remain a powerful force for some time: half pay a TV subscription and 2.5 hours is devoted to linear TV daily. However, 16-24s now average an hour each day watching online TV, which is a third of their daily TV viewing time.
  • 1 in 5 online adults now watch Netflix each month (rising to half in North America), helped by the fact that the majority of Netflixers are sharing accounts.
  • Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform, though Pandora claims the lead in North America. However, close to half of Spotify users also use iTunes and 1 in 3 have an iPhone, showing the potential impact of Apple Music.
  • Despite geo-restrictions, Spotify and Netflix are being used in all the 34 markets tracked by GWI, showing the impact of VPNs and proxy servers. In places such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, over a fifth say they use a VPN to get access to entertainment content. But these VPN users are more likely to be paying for content; they should not be viewed as simple pirates.
  • Two thirds of online adults are PC or mobile gamers, with women just as likely to be gaming on these devices as men. The PlayStation 3 is the most popular choice for console gamers and the PS4 is the most desired machine.

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