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This week, GlobalWebIndex launches the first of our Q1 2015 flagship reports, drawing on our latest wave of research. GWI Device offers insights on:

  • Ownership and usage figures across all major devices
  • Interest in wearable technology, including Apple Watch
  • Online privacy and data protection measures
  • Favored operating systems, handset brands and models
  • The most popular apps, activities and online behaviors across devices

With our data covering 33 markets – representing 90% of the global internet audience – we offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive view of behaviors among digital consumers and highlight a number of demographic, region and market-specific stories. You can download a free summary of this report here. Clients can get the full report here.

Some key headlines from the report include:

  • 8 in 10 internet users now have a smartphone and almost half own a tablet. For both devices, figures peak among 25-34s and the top income quartile. Smartphone ownership tends to be higher in fast-growth countries, showing the importance of mobiles in these emerging markets.
  • Wearable devices remain niche (1 in 10 own a smartwatch) but the introduction of the Apple Watch may change this. 1 in 4 in the UK/US say they are interested in Apple’s wearable, with figures rising as high as 70% among current smartwatch owners.
  • Three quarters of internet users are now going online via a mobile, while more than a third are connecting via a tablet. However, there are significant segments who own a tablet, smart TV or games console who are not using them to go online.
  • Internet users now spend an average of almost 2 hours daily on the mobile web. This figure is rising sharply in some fast-growth markets – with MENA & LatAm nearing the 3.5-hour mark – and among 16-24s, who now devote 43% of their total internet time to mobile.
  • Android remains the No.1 mobile OS in almost all markets but figures are much more even with iOS in the key markets of Japan, Australia, Canada and the US. Android also controls the tablet market, being the favored OS for one fifth of internet users.
  • Samsung is the most popular mobile handset brand but more people say they are planning to buy an iPhone than any other brand. The success of Apple in China is notable – 1 in 4 in this market have an Apple handset, 35% plan to purchase an iPhone and iPad is trumping Android when it comes to tablet figures.
  • 15% of iPhone owners now have a 6 handset. North America leads but APAC posts strong figures, underlining the growth of Apple in Asia. Meanwhile, 1 in 10 HTC owners use a One M8.

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