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Today sees the release of our brand new GWI Device report for Q2 2014 - you can download a free summary here.

Taking a look at the latest mobile and tablet trends, key headlines include:

* More than two thirds (67%) of internet users are now accessing via mobiles, with 30% going online via tablets. Since 2011, the online audiences for these devices have risen in size by 99% and 482% respectively – heralding a truly multi-device internet landscape. Mobile internet usage is most widespread in Asia Pacific, while tablet usage is highest in North America.

* Android is the dominant operating system on both mobiles and tablets. Its lead over iOS is particularly substantial for mobiles (66% vs 20%), whereas the figures are closer for tablets (53% vs 40%).

* Interest in wearable tech is strong; some 20% say they’ve already used a device (e.g. a smart watch or a smart wristband), with a further 43% interested in doing this in the future. Men (69%) have a lead over women (54%), while younger respondents are more than twice as engaged as the oldest age group.

* An impressive 86% of people say they have second-screened while watching television. But in 2014, mobiles have now overtaken laptops as the top device for this.

* Over 50% of tablet users are sharing their device with at least one other person. And even with mobiles – usually considered to be highly “personal”– close to a quarter still say that other people have use of their device.

To explore these areas in more detail - or to see the rest of the topics covered in the report (including app usage, activities by platform and internet penetration trends) - please download the full version from the Insight Store here. To sign up for a free, no-commitment trial, click here.

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