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Today marks the release of our GWI Commerce report (you can download a free summary here).

So, what are the report's major findings?

Well, firstly, the sheer reach of e-commerce is pretty striking: at a global level, 65% of internet users told us that they had purchased a product online in the last month. If we add in another 15% who said they'd researched a product and then bought it offline, that's a rather impressive 80% who are engaging with online commerce in some form.

Just as significantly, multi-device commerce is booming. Overall, PCs/laptops are still the favorite purchase channel: 61% of internet users buy their products via these devices, versus 27% for mobiles and 12% for tablets. But it's the m-commerce and t-commerce audience sizes which are growing at the fastest rates, and over a quarter of internet users are purchasing products via PCs as well as mobiles or tablets. Some 7% are in fact buying across all three device types.

One of the other most notable trends is the changing behavior of 16-24s. This age group is now the least likely to buy a product via a PC/laptop. They're also the least likely to use search engines in order to research products. Meanwhile, they're posting higher than average engagement results for new platforms such as Q&A sites, apps and pinboards. As elsewhere, then, it's clear that this demographic is growing still more mobile and social.

GWI Commerce covers a wealth of other areas too - from reviews, price comparison sites, group-buying and social commerce to levels of online buying across countries and in various categories. You can access the full version via a free trial of our Insight Store.

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