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This week marks the release of our new GWI Brand report (you can download a free summary here).

One of its major areas of focus is the enthusiasm among younger internet users for many of the newest product discovery channels. Overall, search engines are still the biggest go-to point when people want more information about a brand, but usage increases in line with age – a pattern which holds true across most regions and markets. But the opposite trend is true for tools such as Question & Answer sites (e.g. Quora), online pinboards, mobile apps and video/content sites - with 16-24s ahead in each instance.

Elsewhere, GWI Brand shows that just over a third of internet users have "liked" a product or brand within the last month. But this is subject to strong regional variation: as just one example, the figure hits 42% in Latin America but is a much more modest 27% in Europe. In fact, it’s in some of the most mature internet markets like the UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Japan that consumers are least likely to be doing this. This is in line with a more general trend of internet users in fast-emerging nations being the most engaged with brands: they are typically much more likely to talk about, advocate and interact with brands than consumers in more mature markets.

Finally, it's clear that technology brands are the most popular in terms of the online conversations that internet users are having - with Apple and Samsung receiving the most mentions of all. But across all of the 75 brands tracked by GWI, one trend remains consistent: the numbers who say they would recommend them to friends/family are up to four or five times higher than those who have talked about them online - suggesting that this is a source of online advocacy not currently being tapped to its full potential. This has special importance when we recognize the premium which consumers say they place on advice and feedback from friends and family.

GWI Brand covers a wealth of other areas too - from the importance of consumer reviews and blogs to the places where people are sharing their opinions online. You can access the full version of the report via a free trial of our Insight Store.

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