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Today GlobalWebIndex launches Millennials, another in its series of Audience reports - designed to examine the digital behaviors of particular demographic groups – showcasing trends over time as well as analyzing how the audiences in question compare to the overall internet population.

Globally, Millennials (or Gen Y) – defined here as 17-31 year-olds - represent the largest share of internet users aged 16-64. The digital behaviors and attitudes of this key demographic are explored in detail in this report – you can download a free summary here.

Some key headlines include: 

  • The number one online activity among Millennials/Gen Y is watching video clips – in line with the rising importance of the internet as a content-consumption channel. 6 in 10 Millennials watched TVoD last month and they are now watching more than an hour of online TV per day. Netflix is booming among this demographic; one fifth used the service last month.
  • Large numbers of Millennials, particularly those in fast-growth markets, are turning to VPNs and Proxy Servers to view better entertainment content. Attempting to geo-restrict access to content is becomingly increasingly futile.
  • Gen Y is the Smartphone Generation. 84% own a smartphone, with large numbers using them to social network, watch videos and shop online. Samsung still dominates the smartphone market but more Millennials are planning to buy the iPhone.
  • Second-screening is a universal behavior, with Millennials preferring to use mobiles and most likely to be chatting to friends while watching TV.
  • Facebook remains the top social network but active usage rates among Millennials are falling. Many of these networkers are turning to smaller platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram, or chat apps, like WhatsApp or WeChat.
  • Two thirds of Millennials shopped online last month, with m-commerce becoming increasingly important. Mobiles are the most purchased and most reviewed items online.
  • Branded entertainment has become key to engaging Millennials. Outside of China, this demographic are the most likely to think that brands should entertain them. However vlogs, despite their popularity, are yet to make an impact as advertising channels.

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