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Today in China, the annual “Singles’ Day” online shopping event will see more than $6billion of goods traded online. To mark the world’s biggest online retail sales day, today we launch GWI Commerce Q3 2014, which examines the dominant trends in e-commerce and presents the very latest figures for online commercial activities across a range of devices. You can download a free summary here.

Across GlobalWebIndex’s 32 surveyed countries, there are now more than 1 billion internet users who purchase products online each month, a number which continues to rise year-on-year. GWI Commerce provides important insights into these online shoppers and their behaviors.

Some important headlines from the report include:

*  China continues to dominate global e-commerce. Three quarters of Chinese internet users are regularly shopping online and one third of the world’s online shoppers are in China. Other emerging markets are following China’s lead – for example, 70% of India’s internet users are online shoppers.

*  Online shoppers are deeply concerned about their privacy and imprint online. 45% are deleting their cookies at least once a month so that websites will not remember them and a significant portion are using VPNs or proxy servers

*  A quarter of internet users say that social network-based retail stores make them more likely to purchase online. Globally, 7 in 10 active Facebook users say they have bought a product online in the past month, with the equivalent figure among Twitter’s active user base climbing to approach the three-quarter mark.

*  PCs and laptops remain the most important device for online shopping, with 900million using them to shop online each month. Yet their popularity is falling as mobiles and tablets emerge as more significant purchase devices. Fast-growth markets are most enthusiastic about using these mobile devices to shop online.

*  Of the items that GWI tracks, clothes and shoes are the most purchased online, with mobiles being the most popular tech product. Tech products are the most likely to be webroomed (researched online and bought in-store), while it is clear that clothes and shoes are being showroomed (tested in-store and purchased online).

*  Free delivery is the most important factor motivating purchases; 4 in 10 internet users say it makes them more likely to purchase something online. However, Chinese consumers place the highest premium on customer reviews and feedback.


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