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This week saw the release of another new GWI Audience report - this time drilling down into the attitudes and digital behaviors of B2B Buyers.

This group accounts for nearly 7% of the global internet population (with 4.5% having purchasing responsibilities for Small to Medium Enterprises and 2.2% for Large Enterprises). Men dominate in both cases, while 25-34s are the leading age group.

Attitudinally, members of this audience are more likely to describe themselves as brand-conscious, are keen to keep up with the latest trends and place a stronger than average premium on belonging to communities.

As we explore in the report, B2B buyers list a wide range of sources as having an influence over their purchase decisions. Informal conversations with fellow employees are the most important of all, but webinars, sales presentations and conferences are also significant and no single channel is dominant. As such, it’s clearly important that they list search engines and consumer reviews as their biggest online go-to points when in search of more information about a product or brand.

It's also worth noting that mobiles and tablets have particular importance for this audience: 80% of Large Enterprise Buyers use the mobile internet each month, while 48% are tablet internet users. These figures are far higher than the equivalents among the general online population.

Clients can explore these themes in more detail, as well as a range of other topics (including social networking, favored purchase channels and brand engagement behaviors), by downloading the full report from the Insight store here. To sign up for a free, no-commitment trial, click here.

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