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Tom Smith

Tom Smith is Founder and CEO of GlobalWebIndex. Having spent several years working for world-leading agencies, he saw a huge opportunity to help clients better understand digital audiences and the online market. Coupling the world's largest ongoing study on the digital consumer with powerful analytics, GlobalWebIndex is bringing reliable data and insights to the world at large to power marketing that works.

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6 Global Trends Driving Audience-Centric Marketing in 2017

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, February 6 2017

Today we live in what I call the ‘audience era’ – an age where everyone and everything has an audience.

The origins of this are not news for anyone in marketing. Mass-market social media combined with 24/7 mobile access has radically reshaped our communications environment. Publishing to an audience today has been simplified to a single button press, so it’s no surprise that, according to our data, an incredible 82% of internet users now publish a video, photo or review online at least once a month.

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Apathy to PRISM Represents Changing Attitudes to Privacy

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, June 24 2013

Tom's column

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Facebook The Next 1 Billion

Posted by Tom Smith on Tuesday, October 9 2012

The following story was posted on brand republic:

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Consumers Value Social Business

Posted by Tom Smith on Friday, January 6 2012

Throughout 2011 we have been tracking the core motivations for a consumer to follow a brand in a social network. Since February 2011, both June and November sets of data see higher scores for all the motivations and a lower score of the “no interest”. This suggests an increase in consumers appetite to interact with brands.

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Infographic #001 - Global Map of Social Web

Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, November 26 2009


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The Passive Impact of Social Media

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, November 2 2009

It is clear from this research that the passive impact of Social Media is changing our decision making.

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IAB Europe Social Media Showcase

Posted by Tom Smith on Monday, October 26 2009

On the 23rd of October I presented to the IAB Europe Social Media Research Showcase, sharing insights from Wave 1 of the Global Web Index. The presentation focused on Social Media involvement across Europe, motivations to get online, the impact of social media and the evolution needed from companies and brands. The presentation can be found below, and for subscribers in the client portal (where you can download it and reuse the slides).

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Future Web: 23rd September 2009 - see the presentations

Posted by Tom Smith on Friday, September 25 2009

Our inaugural Future Web event explored key trends in Social Media usage, users, and the role for brands from the first wave of data. We had a very lively and engaged audience and excellent presentations from two of our launch clients, Microsoft Advertising and Mediaedge:cia, plus plenty of debate on the merits of brands getting on to Twitter.

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View from Russia: why they love social media

Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, September 10 2009

Katerina Naumova
Internet / Technology Reporter
Moscow. Russia

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Future Web: 23rd of September 2009

Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, August 27 2009

As part of our launch, we are hosting an event on the 23rd of September to highlight some of the key trends that come out of the research.

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Twitter - to the billion?

Posted by Tom Smith on Tuesday, August 18 2009

Twitter Intro

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Motivations dictate web behaviour

Posted by Tom Smith on Wednesday, July 29 2009

What motivates us is very revealing and provides a key indication on behaviour and the ways to tailor things to maximise involvement. Have you ever thought about why you go online? Maybe it is for finding out about things to buy, perhaps to find music or increasingly to chat to friends.

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