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Is Facebook Losing Teens?

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Friday, November 8 2013

Yes, Facebook is losing teens.

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Q3 GWI Launch: Mobile Operating Systems

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Monday, October 28 2013

Mobile OS platforms continue to grow rapidly as highlighted by our latest infographic for Q3.

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Q3 GWI Launch: Video and images dominate mobile app growth

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Thursday, October 17 2013

Vine is the fastest-growing app in 2013, expanding its estimated audience by an incredible 403%. This is followed by Flickr, which grew 146%, demonstrating a comeback from the written-off photo sharing app, with Instagram in third recording growth of 130% in 2013.

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Q3 GWI Launch: Huge growth in active behaviours

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Tuesday, October 15 2013

Since we launched the GlobalWebIndex in 2009 we have been tracking active behaviours online and today we track 38 behaviours covering key actions such as Writing Blogs, Using RSS, Purchasing Online and Streaming Video that users have performed across PC, mobile and tablets.

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Q3 Data Launch: Radical evolution in how consumers engage with brands

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Friday, October 11 2013

GlobalWebIndex Q3 2013 data is now available to our clients in PRO Platform. The new data set demonstrates that social media is driving radical change in how consumers are engaging with brands.

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55% of Chinese Facebook Users Access Via Proxy Servers

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Wednesday, September 25 2013

Since launching GlobalWebIndex in 2009, we’ve been tracking the growing usage of banned US social platforms in China. Facebook usage has always been of particular interest, and the percentage of Chinese internet users actively using Facebook has, in fact, grown substantially from 3% in 2009 to 21% in Q2 2013.

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GlobalWebIndex is now the largest media and marketing study in UK & US

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Tuesday, July 9 2013


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Announcing The New GlobalWebIndex Insight Store

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Tuesday, April 16 2013

While market research is more relevant than ever, the business model for distributing data has barely evolved in last 20 years. The vast majority of market research studies still happen behind closed doors, with the data and insights limited to a small user base. One of the original goals of the GlobalWebIndex was to set out to transform this model, democratising research by making it accessible to the widest possible user base. Today marks a major step forward on this journey, as we announce the launch of the GWI Insight Store.

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Q1 2013 Dataset Now Live In Pro Platform

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Friday, April 12 2013

Today, we are excited to announce the release our Q1 2013 research. With this latest wave of data, we can now see quarterly trends within the GWI dataset for the first time. This also marks the first wave of the GlobalWebIndex to be released in 2013, making it the most up-to-date dataset concerning online consumer behaviour around the world.

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How the Internet Generation spends its time: March GWI Report

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Thursday, February 28 2013

In March we will be releasing a new report exploring our new and updated time spent data. This now provides a cross-platform viewpoint of time, transcending beyond traditional media silos

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Global Mobile Adoption: Android 54% of global mobile users

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Tuesday, February 26 2013

As Mobile World Forum launches in Barcelona we thought it would be great to highlight our latest research on mobile operating system usage and handset brands.

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A successful e-commerce strategy starts with winning the trust of the client

Posted by Sebastian Hedencrona on Wednesday, February 13 2013

It’s easy for digital marketers to get caught up in the hype of the latest industry news updates telling us that 2013 is the year of mobile commerce and that tablets, phablets, smartphone and seamless integration is the future – today! Re-enforced by innovative initiatives such as purchase-by-tweet, the latest drive for Social Commerce for US customers by Twitter & American Express this is the reality for some brands.

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