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VIDEO: Stream Device Q1 2013 Webinar on Youtube

Posted by Marcello Mari on Friday, June 21 2013

Our Stream Device Report—Q1 2013 brought some interesting revelations. The global survey of the Internet population aged 16-64 across 31 markets found that Android now dominates the tablet market, iOS market share has stayed steady, and a third party platform has failed to dominate.

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What has Yahoo! Actually Acquired: A Snapshot of Tumblr in Q1 2013

Posted by Marcello Mari on Tuesday, May 21 2013

Yesterday, Yahoo! finally confirmed its all-cash acquisition of the social media platform, Tumblr. What’s more, Yahoo!’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, did it in style by becoming the first CEO to announce a major acquisition using an animated gif. The acquisition also propels Tumblr into the $1bn start-up club and is the latest in a series of high-profile acquisitions that include the news summarization app, Summly. The question that remains is what has Yahoo! actually bought? In other words, how many active users does Tumblr have and what is the profile of those users?
tumblr_inline_mn3ly2LoLc1qz4rgpAccording to our latest research (Q1 2013), 73 million people have created a Tumblr account which equals 5% of the total internet users at a global level. In terms of active Tumblr users, classified as those who say they have used or contributed to Tumblr in the past month, there were just under 34 million in Q1 2013, equalling just 2% of the global internet population. The number of active users on Tumblr has actually fallen slightly from 34.2 million in Q2 2012, meaning that the social platform itself hasn’t grown at all between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013.

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New Infographic: Daily Media Consumption - Traditional vs. Digital

Posted by Marcello Mari on Thursday, April 18 2013

Today we release our latest infographic: Daily Media Consumption – Traditional vs. Digital.

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WEBINAR: The Digital Reality - How We Spend Our Time Online

Posted by Marcello Mari on Thursday, April 4 2013

Due to the high level of demand for last week's webinars, we've decided to run this month's webinar once more for those who missed out, or for those who want to ask more detailed questions about digital media consumption around the world.

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Online time now exceeds offline media consumption globally

Posted by Marcello Mari on Wednesday, March 27 2013

Consumers are now spending more time with online media than they are with traditional forms of media. Globally digital including social media and mobile internet usage now accounts for 57% of daily media time.

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Twitter usage is booming in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Marcello Mari on Wednesday, March 20 2013

We’ve had a good number of inquiries concerning our figures on active Twitter usage. Attention has been focused on the fact that Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest percentage of active Twitter users among its online population.

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Infographic: Twitter The Fastest Growing Social Platform

Posted by Marcello Mari on Monday, February 25 2013

Today marks the release of a new stream of monthly infographics that showcase our latest data and highlight key trends in the global internet landscape.

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Posted by Marcello Mari on Wednesday, February 20 2013

We’re releasing an update to the online analysis platforms available to all GlobalWebIndex PRO License holders. The update includes a number of work-flow improvements, a new tool solution, enhanced server performance, a refresh to the look-and-feel including the brand name, PRO Tools, to align with the soon to be re-launched globalwebindex.net together with a range of new and updates services.

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GlobalWebIndex Webinar: Brand Discovery Index

Posted by Marcello Mari on Friday, February 15 2013

On Thursday the 21st of February GlobalWebIndex's Director of Consulting, Brett Petersen, presents insights from the latest GlobalWebIndex framework, the “Brand Discovery Index (BDI)” which is designed to help planners, strategists and researchers with an understanding of how to prioritise offline channels vs. digital channels such as social media, search, owned websites, content, etc within the purchase journey.

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Social Thailand: The Role of Thailand in the Social Networking World

Posted by Marcello Mari on Wednesday, January 16 2013

Benchmarking as one of the 10 most socially engaged countries in the world according to the GlobalWebIndex Social Engagement Benchmark, Thailand presents a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with their customers through social media. In this interview for the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, I explore the implications and the advantages of these findings for digital strategists and planners.

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