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Katie Young

Katie is a Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Working as part of the Trends team, she produces GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series. Katie writes on GWI’s blog about the latest digital trends and online consumer behaviors, with a particular interest in social media.

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Broadcast vs On-Demand TV Preferences in the USA

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 16 2017

In the new Brand section of our Core research, we ask respondents whether they prefer watching TV on-demand or live as it is broadcast (with respondents selecting from a point in a 5-point scale).

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4 in 10 Nike Buyers Research Products on Social Media

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, February 13 2017

Although search engines are still the dominant force when it comes to product research, social networks have been gaining ground for this activity in recent years.

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3 in 4 Man Utd Fans Watching Sports Online

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, February 7 2017

With the Premier League season now in full swing, today we explore the new Brand section of our Core research to take a look at online viewing behaviors among supporters of one of the biggest clubs – Manchester United.

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80%+ of iPhone Owners Say Apple is Top Choice for Next Phone

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, February 6 2017

It’s well known that Apple has a highly loyal customer base, but a new question in the GWI survey underlines just how many current iPhone owners are likely to stick with the brand when they next buy or upgrade their mobile.

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3 in 10 in the US are High/Heavy Users of Online TV

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, February 2 2017

Look at global TV consumption habits and linear TV might still rule the roost but, as we explore in Thursday’s Chart, there’s some pretty big variation across the world.

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How Can Brands Win Big at the Super Bowl 2017?

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, February 1 2017

It’s almost that time of the year again. Leading brands are getting ready to battle it out in the ultimate advertising arena... the Super Bowl. With last year’s event drawing nearly 112 million viewers, a massive audience is guaranteed and the world's biggest names are just as enthusiastic as ever to get noticed. But what is the best approach for brands hoping to score big this year, and can grabbing an advertising spot on the big screen really have much of an impact? Our latest research into the NFL's audience provides some compelling insights that could guide brands in the right direction.

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2 in 3 Chinese VPN Users Access Weekly

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, January 31 2017

China initiated a major crackdown on VPNs last week when it announced that VPN usage will now need to be authorized by the state.

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The Rise of News Apps

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, January 27 2017

For some time now, our data has made it clear that digital consumers are  spending more time each day reading online rather than print forms of press.

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Over Half of YouTubers using WhatsApp or Messenger

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, January 23 2017

Sharing YouTube content on other services might be the norm, but the launch of the video site’s new sharing feature marks an attempt to keep users broadcasting their thoughts and comments within YouTube itself rather than elsewhere.

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50% of Facebookers Reading News Articles on Network

Posted by Katie Young on Thursday, January 19 2017

Facebook grabbed the headlines again last week when it revealed ‘The Facebook Journalism Project’- marking its attempt to establish strong ties between Facebook and the news industry.

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60% of US Snapchatters Use the Service Daily

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, January 17 2017

In our Trends 17 report we discuss how WhatsApp’s simple nature gives it an edge over competitors when it comes to usage frequency.

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Top Reasons for Brand Advocacy among 16-24s

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, January 13 2017

With almost half of 16-24s posting a review of a product or company online in the last month, there’s certainly a decent share of young consumers willing to potentially promote brands online. But what incentives are most likely to turn this age group into brand advocates?

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