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Brett Petersen

Brett is Director, Stream™ Intelligence at GlobalWebIndex.

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Facebook Is Alive and Kicking

Posted by Brett Petersen on Wednesday, January 1 2014

An academic from University College London, David Miller, has recently received a lot of coverage for his recent claims that Facebook “is basically dead and buried” among teens. Naturally, being researchers ourselves, we took to our own data to analyze his claims about Facebook usage among teens around the world. While teen usage of Facebook is certainly in decline, as we’ve noted before, there is strikingly little evidence to suggest that UCL’s findings of it being “dead and buried” are representative of broader trends.

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Where are the Facebook Teens Going?

Posted by Brett Petersen on Tuesday, November 12 2013

Following Friday’s examination of recent trends related to the decline in Facebook usage among teens, GlobalWebIndex’s Stream Analyst team turned their attention to the social platforms and applications that have replaced Facebook. The chart below looks at the change in active usage of social services and mobile apps of teens aged 16-19, and there is a very clear story with the big winners being messenger, video and photo apps. WeChat has growing a staggering 1021% between Q1 and Q3 in 2013, followed by Vine (639%) and then Flickr (254%).

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Stream™ Social: Q2 2013

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, September 5 2013

With the social media scene in constant change, we are excited to release the latest quarterly update on global social media trends, Stream Social: Q2 2103. In the report, we find some interesting new trends developing with Pinterest and Tumblr becoming the fastest growing social platforms over the past year. Also, we continue to see a decline in local social platforms as the major global players in social continue to gain traction around the world.

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Android, Tablets Dominate Q1 Mobile Market

Posted by Brett Petersen on Tuesday, June 4 2013

What a difference two years makes. Tablet usage increased 282% between Q1 2011 and Q1 2013, with the number of consumers in the 31 GlobalWebIndex markets using mobile to get online growing by 60%.

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Stream Social Q1 2013: Facebook Active Usage Booms

Posted by Brett Petersen on Friday, April 26 2013


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Introducing the Brand Discovery Index

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, February 21 2013

We often hear so much about how important digital channels are by themselves whether its social or content or mobile or search. Yet, there is often only anecdotal evidence to support such claims or each of the channels are analysed in isolation without considering the impact they have on each other. This is the main reason we created the Brand Discovery Index (BDI). The BDI provides us not only with a metric to analyse the relative importance of offline versus online brand discovery channels but also gives us the chance to analyse the importance of all of the components of the digital brand discovery process.

Applying the BDI


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GlobalWebIndex e-Commerce Report: Online Plays a Role in 90% of Transactions

Posted by Brett Petersen on Tuesday, February 5 2013


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Facebook Battles Back Against “Facebook Fatigue”

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, January 31 2013

Facebook has been making the headlines recently under the guise that it is losing users, and that “Facebook Fatigue” is setting in. Indeed, this is a trend that GlobalWebIndex has noticed in our previous waves of research since 2009, particularly among the original “core demographic” of Facebook users, those early adopters of Facebook who are now in their late 20s and early 30s.

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Posted by Brett Petersen on Monday, January 28 2013

Over the weekend, we had some great coverage from the likes of Forbes and ZDnet regarding our latest data that benchmarks Google+ as the second largest social platform in the world.

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GlobalWebIndex at LeWeb 2012

Posted by Brett Petersen on Wednesday, December 5 2012

GlobalWebIndex is blogging live from LeWeb Paris - the biggest tech event in Europe. We had the pleasure of presenting our latest metric, the Social Engagement Benchmark, to industry leaders from around the world. If you'd like to take a look at slides from our presentation, please feel free to download below.

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The Benefits of Using the Tool for Multi Wave Analysis

Posted by Brett Petersen on Friday, August 17 2012

We are always trying to deliver updates and developments to the tool to make the user experience as seamless as possible. Performing multi-wave or trend analysis is one of the key strengths of the GlobalWebIndex tool, especially when compared to other analysis tools.

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Rolling out GWI.7 – Making it Easier to Find Data

Posted by Brett Petersen on Thursday, August 16 2012

We are very pleased to roll out the latest wave of data that is already driving unique first time insights.

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