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Today our post draws on data from our new report on Gamers (you can download a free summary here) to look at the global distribution of the gaming audience.

For both mobile and console gaming, it’s clear that APAC dominates. For mobiles, this is a result of the activity being wildly popular among Chinese internet users: one third of all mobile gamers are to be found in the country (although it’s worth noting that 1 in 5 iOS gamers are in North America).

The ban on console sales in China, introduced in 2000 and only recently lifted, has meant that the development of this activity inside the world’s biggest market has been stunted. Even so, 40% of console gamers – and half of Xbox One gamers – are still to be found in the APAC region. And with consoles now on sale in China, this audience is likely to swell in size still further.



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