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Today, we announce GW.IQ™, our proprietary web analytics solution for deeper audience profiling.

GW.IQ allows publishers, brands and agencies to link visitors to websites and other connected platforms with our global digital marketing study, the largest of its kind in the world.

The product is being launched in response to increasing demand from our clients to enrich their big data solutions with our deeper audience understanding. Using the GW.IQ tag-based technology, partners can append the motivations, attitudes and interests found in our primary research to their 1st party data on web usage and user-level events.

The GW.IQ tag ingests events from connected platforms into our data management platform where it is matched with our existing consumer intelligence, as collected on an ongoing basis in 31 countries around the world. This allows us to report back to online property owners in granular detail on the profile of their actual visitors.

GW.IQ reporting is private for the platform owner and not available to any other GlobalWebIndex clients. Reports are structured around 5 categories:

  1. Cross-Platform Behaviours
  2. Demographics & Attitudes
  3. E-Commerce Behaviours
  4. Influencers & Content
  5. Social Media Engagement

For publishers, GW.IQ offers greater monetization opportunities by speaking the language of media agencies and brands, using the GlobalWebIndex taxonomy to answer briefs and demonstrate an ability to engage very specific target audiences.

For brands and agencies, GW.IQ profiles actual website visitors – rather than suspected target audiences – for a more accurate picture of a brand's most valuable segments and a better ability to reach them.

Interested parties should contact us for a 1:1 consultation here.

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