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To mark the launch of GlobalWebIndex’s new set of Market Reports, our mid-week Chart of the Day looks at which countries are leading the way for broadcast TV viewing.

It’s clear that linear TV still retains a central role within the daily media portfolios of most internet users. Globally, the average online adult is devoting over two hours per day to broadcast TV, representing over a fifth of their daily media time. And as our chart makes abundantly clear, broadcast TV is particularly important to US consumers – in this market, close to 3 ½ hours are spent watching linear TV each day.

Online TV might now be grabbing a decent period of time each day, especially among younger users, but it has some distance to cover before it can become a real challenger. And although the spread of video streaming services will inevitably cause the figures for daily online TV viewing to increase, the continued significance of linear TV to the entertainment habits of consumers, particularly in the USA, should never be overlooked.

GWI clients can download our new UK Market Report here, with further markets coming in the following days.

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