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It’s well known that Apple has a highly loyal customer base, but a new question in the GWI survey underlines just how many current iPhone owners are likely to stick with the brand when they next buy or upgrade their mobile.

When we ask this group which brand(s) would be their top choice for their next handset, an overwhelming 83% say they want another iPhone. That puts this audience 2x ahead of the average, with just 3 in 10 saying that Samsung would be one of their top choices – representing a 30% under-index.

Equally important is that 60% of these current iPhone Owners say they plan to upgrade their handset in the next 12 months, which is promising news for the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 8.

80%+ of iPhone Owners Say Apple is Top Choice for Next PhoneExplore data in PRO Platform Get the GWI Device Q3 2016 Report

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