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As Mobile World Congress draws to a close today, our midweek chart uses data from the new GWI Device report to examine satisfaction levels among smartphone owners.

Significantly, just 5% of current owners say they are dissatisfied with their device. In contrast, it’s almost half who say they are very satisfied with their mobiles – one of the key reasons why finding digital advocates for these devices is not a difficulty.

By brand, it’s iPhone owners who are the most content (with almost 60% saying they are very satisfied). Arguably, though, the most important trend here is that half or more of the owners across almost all of the brands tracked by GWI claim to be very satisfied with their smartphone. That gives one potential reason why smartphone sales appear to be weakening – for many current owners, there’s no longer a pressing need/desire to upgrade to a new model.

You can download a free summary of GWI Device here, with clients able to access the full version here

8 in 10 are satisifed with their smartphones

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