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For our first Chart of the Day this week, we explore the implications of device sharing on the reach of ad-blocking software.

Globally, 45% of desktop ad-blockers share their PC/laptop with at least one other person, serving as an important reminder that – when it comes to ad-blocking – one install does not necessarily equal just one person blocking ads.

We see high levels of PC/laptop sharing among desktop ad-blockers across all of the demographic and regional splits, with as many as 6 in 10 among this group in LatAm sharing their device with others.

That said, our figures do not suggest that these individuals are blocking every ad on every site they visit; multi-device usage, whitelisting and selective usage of blocking browsers all mean that people blocking ads in some contexts can still be exposed to them in others.

 45% of Desktop Ad-Blockers Share Their PC/LaptopExplore this data in PRO Platform Get the GWI Social Q4 2016 Report

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