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With our latest GWI Entertainment report now released (download a free summary here), today we check up on the battle between PCs/laptops and smartphones for the attention of music streamers.

PCs/laptops might remain the go-to for most entertainment activities but mobiles are quickly bridging the gap when it comes to music-streaming. It’s now 46% who are streaming music on their mobiles, putting it not far off the 50% doing the same on their PCs/laptops. And this narrow gap is a trend seen across each of the age groups; even among 55-64s (who tend to attach greater importance to their PCs/laptops), the difference is just 6 percentage-points.

This underlines the growing importance of mobiles as on-the-go devices where users can listen to music wherever and whenever they please – an area where PCs/laptops are increasingly falling behind.

 1 in 2 Now Streaming Music on MobileExplore this data in PRO PlatformGet the Free GWI Entertainment Q3 2016 Summary Report

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