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Next-Day Delivery Motivates 4 in 10 eBay Visitors to Buy

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, March 27 2017

Last week eBay rolled out its “Guaranteed Delivery” initiative, whereby US online shoppers will be offered assured three-day delivery on millions of products.

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Purchase Drivers for Status Seekers vs Economicals

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, March 24 2017

Today we look at the differing ways in which brands can encourage two contrasting groups from GWI’s Attitudinal Segmentation to buy something online.

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How to Write a Creative Brief that Drives Brilliant Marketing

Posted by Lorna Keane on Friday, March 24 2017

A killer creative brief hinges on solid, accurate research. It means talking to customers and consumer-facing staff and matching these insights with those you get from in-depth data to find out exactly who you're speaking to. This kind of research reveals fundamental truths around their perceptions and what really influences their behavior, helping you to spawn a rigorous and inspiring creative brief, capable of unleashing pure brilliance. So what does it take to write a brief that works?

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16-24s Online via Mobile for Nearly 3.5 Hours Daily

Posted by Jacinta Ruscillo on Thursday, March 23 2017

For today’s chart, we take a look at the just how important mobiles have become to the daily digital lives of 16-24s.

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Why We Don't Use Device Meters

Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, March 23 2017

When the internet first arrived, meters – small bits of software installed on a user’s machine – were conceived as a way in which to track the entirety of an individual's online behaviors. In those days, when the vast majority of the global internet population were sitting inside the United States on a PC desktop using Internet Explorer or Netscape browser, these tools provided a logical solution for publishers and media buyers to get an accurate view of their audience and reach.

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The Potential for Major League Soccer’s Deal with Facebook

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, March 22 2017

As the world of social media and sports come ever-closer together, Facebook has scored a big deal that allows it to stream live Major League Soccer matches on the platform.

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How Mobile is Reshaping the Future of Banking

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, March 22 2017

There has been widespread discussion around the ‘disruption of the banking industry’. A sector typically slower than others to respond to digital innovation, with the introduction of new compliance and regulation policies, is under increasing pressure to future-proof their operations, and mobile is increasingly at the center of this.

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7 in 10 Twitter Users on Social While Watching TV

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, March 21 2017

To celebrate the anniversary of Twitter’s first Tweet, our Tuesday Chart of the Day takes a look at the importance of social in the second-screening space.

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LatAm and North America Most Likely to Prefer On-Demand/Streaming TV

Posted by Jacinta Ruscillo on Monday, March 20 2017

For today’s Chart, we look at how digital consumers around the world prefer to consume TV content: via on-demand/streaming or via traditional broadcast television.

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5 Questions to Consider Before Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Lorna Keane on Monday, March 20 2017

What does it take to carve out a great marketing strategy? This is a question that begins with careful planning, along with some simple truths around your objectives and the ideas driving your message. Before you can begin to map out the practicalities of a campaign and allocate the right spend, certain questions must be taken into account - questions that will keep you from veering off track, and help steer your creative efforts in the right direction.

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Over 80% of European Six Nations Fans are Second-Screeners

Posted by Katie Young on Friday, March 17 2017

With the Six Nations final round taking place this weekend, our last Chart of the Day this week takes a look at a major route through which brands and advertisers can reach fans: Second-screening.

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50% are Turning to Search Engines for Medical Advice

Posted by Jacinta Ruscillo on Thursday, March 16 2017

For today’s chart, we focus on internet users’ habits when they look for advice choosing medicines/drugs for everyday ailments such as sore throats and headaches.

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