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Half of YouTubers Watching Music Videos

Posted by Chase Buckle on Friday, October 21 2016

Today, we showcase a new addition to GWI’s survey, looking at the most popular activities on YouTube.

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1 in 4 Instagrammers Sharing Photos to Other Networks

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, October 20 2016

It’s now almost 60% of the key Millennial group who have an account on Instagram and, as today’s Chart of the Day shows, one reason why the network has become so widely known among social networkers is the likelihood of people posting their Instagram content to other services.

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Q4 2016 Reports from GlobalWebIndex

Posted by Felim McGrath on Wednesday, October 19 2016

Here’s a sneak peek at a selection of reports that are coming up this quarter from GlobalWebIndex. 

To find out about our full range of reports and our data, get in touch using our Live Chat, request a consultation or email hello@globalwebindex.net

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20% of Facebookers Watching Live Video

Posted by Chase Buckle on Wednesday, October 19 2016

The rise of live-streaming has been one of the most important trends in the world of social media over the last year, and although Meerkat and Periscope launched this trend into the mainstream, it’s Facebook that has been the real winner here.

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6 in 10 PS4 Owners Interested in VR

Posted by Katie Young on Tuesday, October 18 2016

Following the launch of the much-anticipated PSVR last week, Tuesday’s Chart takes stock of the level of interest that this technology has generated among PlayStation 4 owners.

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6 in 10 Millennials in North America on Snapchat

Posted by Katie Young on Monday, October 17 2016

News circulated last week that Snapchat’s parent company (recently renamed Snap Inc.) was gearing for a flotation that could value the five-year old app at a hefty $25bn.

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6 in 10 Now Sharing Videos Online

Posted by Felim McGrath on Friday, October 14 2016

GWI’s research shows that practically all internet users are now watching video clips online on a monthly basis. But as our final Chart of the Day this week also makes clear, the majority of these viewers are not just passively engaging with online video content.

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1 in 4 Cinemagoers Find New Brands from Cinema Ads

Posted by Felim McGrath on Thursday, October 13 2016

It’s well over half of online adults who are visiting the cinema at least once a month and, as our Chart today shows, the ads that these cinemagoers see at the cinema are a significant brand discovery route.

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93% of Millennials Visiting YouTube

Posted by Katie Young on Wednesday, October 12 2016

Previewing more data from our brand new Generations infographic (available for clients to download here), today we check up on how YouTube is faring among Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.

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1 in 4 Could Use Facebook Workplace

Posted by Chase Buckle on Tuesday, October 11 2016

Over a year ago, GWI showed that internet users had a healthy interest in Facebook Workplace. And with today seeing the official launch of the service, our chart explores the demographics of its most likely users – those who fall into the “Work Networkers” audience from our new social media segmentation.

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3 in 10 US Facebookers Research Products on Social Media

Posted by Felim McGrath on Monday, October 10 2016

The launch of Facebook Marketplace in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand last week marked another effort by the world’s biggest social network to expand social commerce into some of the biggest e-commerce markets. Today’s chart therefore focuses on US Facebookers to show why Marketplace could be an important step in this process.

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Almost 1 in 2 use Private Browsing Windows

Posted by Chase Buckle on Friday, October 7 2016

With Google having announced the introduction of an “incognito mode” for its mobile search app, today we explore how many people are using private browsing windows when accessing the internet.

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