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Part 1.

Please find below the current and proposed new wording that we are looking to implement from Q4 2017.

Current Question Proposed Question

When purchasing products/services for your business or department, which of the following sources most influences your decision?

Please select one answer only.

  • A blog created by the company / organization
  • Advertisements in traditional media (e.g. TV, Newspaper)
  • Branded communities created by the company / organization
  • Branded community / group inside a social network service you use
  • Conferences
  • Conversations with people from the company / organization on a social network
  • Corporate events / entertainment
  • Direct Mailings with product / company information
  • News story
  • Relevant industry website
  • Sales presentations
  • The microblogging profile of a company / organization (e.g. Twitter)
  • Webinars

Thinking about purchases you make for your business or department, in which of the following ways are you most likely to find out about new brands, products, or services?

(select all that apply)

  • Ads in trade magazines/websites
  • Ads in non-trade media
  • Presentations/stands at events/conferences
  • Recommendations by colleagues
  • Posts by the brand on social media
  • Search engines
  • E-mails from a brand
  • Brochures/other information received by post
  • Blogs/websites/social media posts by industry experts
  • Direct contact by brand representatives (e.g. email, call, social media)
  • News/opinion articles in trade magazines/websites

Part 2.