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Create your own apps & dashboards using GlobalWebIndex data

Access the same API used to power our own PRO Platform™ interface.

10 key endpoints

Access a series of endpoints including audiences, queries, countries, waves (data collection periods), bookmarks and more.

Full CRUD capabilities

Create, read, update and delete audiences and queries. Our API gives you total flexibility to build the custom data application you need.

Total access

Access 100% of the data your organization has access to, include GWI Core, custom data and GWIQ™ analytics projects such as ad effectiveness.

Rapid results

Our PRO Platform™ interface is built on the GlobalWebIndex API. Expect the same speed and performance that you experience on our flagship tool.

JSON responses

All data is returned as JSON objects, enabling easy data visualization and manipulation of API responses.

Secure authentication

Contact your account manager to discuss pricing and request an API key.

Get your API key today

Contact us to start incorporating GlobalWebIndex data into your dashboards and applications.